Free Gay Stories

Fancy some free gay stories? Again and again I experience that I read a stimulating gay story and then, as soon as it gets hot to the point, the hint appears that one should please pay to be able to continue reading. I find this impossible and have therefore made it my mission to put free gay stories online. I have the impression that I am exactly right on this page. For a long time I have been thinking about and collecting homoerotic stories that should get the blood pumping and maybe make you want to read more. The following story is one of my personal favorites and I hope you have a lot of fun with one of my Free Gay Stories. Whether these stories are true or fictional is something I don't like to reveal, after all, everyone should have their own interpretation. On a warm summer night at the bathing lake Kevin had made himself comfortable with his colleagues. For a long time he had a strange...
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ABDL Stories

ABDL Stories - I am looking for like-minded people. Do you know this? When you're into something, but you're absolutely not sure if that's exactly "right"? Whether you are allowed to do that? That's exactly how I feel. I have dealt extensively with ABDL stories in the past. I found - I think it was about two years ago - that wearing diapers turned me on. At some point, I wanted clarity. I wanted to know what was "wrong with me." Because I get so turned on by the feel of the material on my skin, and because I love being pampered, I even went to see a psychologist. I was actually afraid of being a pedophile. However, my therapist gave the all-clear. He explained to me in a little more detail what ABDL stories and this very special fetish is all about. Most of them (and I have to admit, me too) are all about being taken care of more or less intensely. I love it when someone feeds me and takes care of me, as if I were...
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Gay swallow

Gay swallow - Welcome to my story! Good day gentlemen and welcome to a fat gay swallow story, which I have not read in this way here until now. My name is Florian and I study psychology at the university. In the semester break I earn or I earned myself some extra by booking me for events. Which events were those exactly? They ranged from public fairs to kinky private parties. As long as the payment is right, I am willing to participate in many things. Especially the aforementioned private parties were always a lot of fun for me. The payment was extraordinarily good and that's why I always prepared myself well, not only to make the guests as comfortable as possible, but also me. When the evil "C" made its rounds, it was then unfortunately also over with this side job, but I always like to think back to these horny and erotic moments. Especially the last party will...
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Gay stories free

Enjoy gay stories for free? I can help Do you know this problem? You are looking for a horny or romantic gay story for free, but at some point a window pops up with a payment request that you have to accept in order to continue reading? Such stories are not to my taste. If I want to read a gay story, then please do it for free. After all, it works here too. That's why I decided to upload my gay stories for free on this site or send them in. In my story today it is romantic AND hot. For all of you who are looking for hot assfucking action, this means: Definitely read to the end! But first I want to warm your hearts and tell about two young men who get closer during their training. Let the story begin on a crisp autumn morning. Karl has just completed his apprenticeship and his first block of school. Nu...
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Foot fetish stories for gays

Did you know that you can find foot fetish stories in our archive? No? Then it's time to keep your eyes open here. What used to be called a "trend" is now becoming more and more popular - certainly because fewer and fewer men have a problem with their passion.

Feet can be very horny... And that's exactly why we decided to offer a category around foot fetish stories on our site.

To what extent feet should be completely in focus or whether, for example, it is instead a matter of "simplyembedding" them in a harmonious way in various sex practices is left up to the authors.

What are foot fetish stories about?

It would probably be too easy to answer at this point with "To feet!"at this point would probably be too simple. After all, anyone who has ever dealt with these stories and their storylines knows that they are not just about describing how the protagonist enjoys having his "best piece" massaged by oiled feet.

Most foot fetish stories are characterized by a sexy plot, in which the fetish in question is embedded in an erotic way. So you can read sex adventures that make you want more.

Of course, it is also possible that you have never dealt with it in your life to find out for yourself whether you like feet. Maybe you even face the subject with a little aversion and were always of the opinion "feet are disgusting!"? Even then it is worthwhile to read up a little here. Maybe you'll discover a passion in yourself that you didn't know about before?

Do you read foot fetish stories alone?

You can read our foot fetish stories either alone or with your partner. Many couples are even into reading to each other and finding out who can keep their hands off each other longer.

In short: Whether you have more fun enjoying the stories alone or "in company" is up to you.

Maybe you will discover another erotic common ground while reading our foot fetish stories. Many men do not dare to talk about their preferences in this context in front of the other. Wouldn't it be great to find out that the topic arises "all by itself"?

How to make foot fetish stories maybe a little more erotic?

First of all, our foot fetish stories are full of eroticism. If you want, you can still take the action to another level by reading the story to your boyfriend and letting him massage your feet at the same time.

But there are also men who prefer to be alone while reading the stories. If you feel like a particularly cozy ambience, you just crawl into your bed and see what happens when you continue reading paragraph after paragraph and get more and more into the mood.

In summary: You decide whether or how you can increase the reading comfort a bit more.

We are always looking for new foot fetish stories

... and exactly at this point you come into play! After all, it may be that you could already gather a lot of experience in the field of foot fetish. Would you like to share them with the community? Do you want to tell every reader how horny it can be to lick feet or to be satisfied by them?

Wonderful! Then you have found the right platform in our site! Write your story - no matter whether true or invented - and thus provide with it for turning on moments with others! And who knows? Maybe you will convince one or the other reader that feet are hornier than often thought?

Is a horny BDSM story pleasing?