Gay penis: want to visit my head cinema?

Gay penis

In my life I have met a lot of men who were not averse to a short-term liaison. Or in other words: My gay penis was often used and could make many men happy. Me too, of course. But I have also been brought to paradise more often, have experienced fantastic orgasms and some of the guys I have had I will never forget.

Among other things, this also created favorite fantasies that I always like to play in my head when I'm overcome by lust. One of these memories comes to me regularly when I jerk off and I'm glad that what I'm thinking about actually happens and is not a pipe dream.

You are curious? I wanted to make a special surprise for my partner at the time. So I had a dildo made in the shape of my penis. In advance, I inquired for a long time on the Internet about a way to duplicate my cock. I decided to have the imprint made locally and found a store that offered this service.

The user "Gay Penis 69" finally convinced me with his review, so I made an appointment. (You wouldn't believe how many providers there are here. I really had to take my time to find the right one).

If you now think of a happy ending, I have to disappoint you. Because: After this appointment I was single ... And rightly so. But for this I had some of the hottest hours in my whole life. My ex got married a few years later and so it was a win-win situation for everyone.

But let's get back to the story: Without nervousness and without funny thoughts, I prepared for the appointment at home. I waited until my partner left the apartment. Just a few minutes later, I also went out of the house and headed for the address I had from the Internet. Arrived, the store, as described on the Internet, made a professional impression. After only a few seconds, I was greeted in a friendly manner and the guy who worked here explained everything to me in great detail. This gave me a safe feeling right away.

I was led to a changing room where I could undress. In the background I could hear that preparations were in full swing. The room where the impression was taken was less comfortable. It was quite sterile and more reminiscent of a hospital room than a store.

It was hard to get in the mood to get my penis hard. Eventually it did work out and the impression could be taken. After that, my presence was no longer necessary and the owner told me I could come back in a few hours. After that, I got dressed and looked at the sales floor. Dildos were everywhere and my gay penis twitched more and more. I would have loved to get my hands on one myself.

I suddenly felt a hand on my shoulder. A young man stood behind me at first and then stood in front of me. He did not talk around for long and revealed to me that he often comes to this store to meet hot men who have hot and hard sex with him. I don't know why, but at that point it was all over me. My gay penis moulted into a magnificent boner and I couldn't wait to indulge my lust.

Already in the store we grabbed each other. He looked around and pulled me into one of the changing rooms. We kissed intensely and I could feel his hands all over my body.

House ban, but THAT was worth it

The clothes quickly landed on the floor and as if controlled by a stranger I jerked my cock hard. Before I knew it, I was already fucking the man's horny ass and driving him through the cabin. Our sexual interaction did not go unnoticed (we must have already moaned properly) and so the curtain opened while my gay penis was stuck in his ass.

The salesman looked startled, expelled us from the store, and banned us from the premises to boot. But we were still not finished. We had been interrupted. We looked for a secluded corner in the city - more precisely: in the park. There I immediately took off his clothes and pressed him against a wall, which was covered by a hedge. We kissed again and this time his hand jerked my cock.

I did the same and took his penis in my hand, massaged it lightly and finally jerked it off. So we stood there kissing and jerking for a while, enjoying the moment. He pushed me away slightly, turned around and stretched his perfect ass towards me.

I spread his ass cheeks and spoiled his asshole with my tongue. He moaned and enjoyed the touches. I took a finger to it and slowly penetrated his asshole. When I released my tongue from him, I could see that he was jerking off the whole time.

My finger penetrated deeper and deeper, then I stood up and stuck my hard spanking into his tight hole. I was not tender and simply penetrated. His mouth I kept closed so that his moaning cries did not attract others. When I had completely sunk my cock, I became faster and faster.

Therefore, I fucked him harder and harder. I held on to his ass to be able to thrust even more intensely. I drove him until I felt an orgasm. I still screamed that I would come and snotted my load on his buttocks. After that I thrust a few more times and that was enough for him to come too.

But still I was not completely satisfied. We looked at each other and fell over each other again. We kissed and touched until we realized that our horny cocks were ready again. This time I let myself be fucked. He was much more tender and gentle than I was before, ... Which I would not have expected.

At some point, however, he became an animal and thrust firmly and deeply into me. His thrusts came at long intervals, but then he rammed his cock into my ass with appropriate ferocity.

This combination of pleasure and pain was not yet known to me. I just enjoyed the horny sex. After a few minutes he screamed this time that he would come, but instead of squirting into me, he pulled out his penis and discharged on my naked torso.

He just got up, got dressed and left. I had to digest the last two hours first. Then I got dressed as well and went for a walk through the park. And it was at this point that I realized that I am not a relationship person. I preferred to fuck freely through the area. My gay penis just needs a little more flexibility than I have allowed him all the time.


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