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Gay Stories new

Gay Stories new and hot ... Actually, it could also be the motto of this page, right? There are always new stories to discover here. I am thrilled by the enormous variety that is offered here at regular intervals.

I thought it was time to share my experiences with you too, ... Because I too had a debauched sex life. Why do I write in the past tense? I am now 74 and have long since retired from the active homosexual sex scene. I settled down and when allowed, my partner and I adopted a child. Still, I rewrite many gay stories - because love and passion know no age.

I used to visit many horny gay parties and I don't regret it for a second. Even at the beginning I was always careful and always made sure that a condom was used during lovemaking. Who had something against this rule, was allowed to go directly again. So I could always enjoy my sexual escapades and afterwards - as you can see - I still had the chance to settle down.

I realized I was homosexual at the age of 15. Girls just didn't interest me and my first great love was my sports teacher. At that time I still had to hide, so I just pretended that I thought girls were great too.

It wasn't until I was a student that I had my first homosexual experience, which I now retell in Gay Stories. When the news reported that there were the first homosexual uprisings, I decided to become active as well and outed myself as gay. This almost got me kicked out of university because I was also demonstrating there with fellow students. But: Gay stories don't rewrite themselves. It takes a little courage. Even in real life.

It was after one of these demonstrations that I had my first sexual experience with a man ... Or rather, several men. It started when the police took us into custody and put us in the cells. After this stay in jail, my entire life was to change, not only on a sexual basis. My social environment was also turned upside down.

The police put five of us in a cell, ... which turned out to be a mistake. Because in retrospect, the officers had their hands full keeping us in check.

From the transporter it went first of all to the person admission and to the body search. I had apparently caught a very loose group, because they still joked with the policemen, they should reach a little deeper. Although it hailed for it blows, they laughed and joked further. I was impressed from the first moment how easy it was for them to stand up for themselves.

In the cell I became nervous like in Gay Stories new. The other men saw my insecurity and asked me if everything was okay. I confessed that I was a bit scared because it was my first time in prison and I was worried about my future. However, the anxious feeling was quickly taken away from me because the following sentence motivated me: "A future in which we are not allowed to live and love as we are is not a future worth living."

I was just impressed and the guy who had just been spreading this life wisdom started to give a speech. My young mind was literally too attached to his lips and we intoned our slogan, which we had also used in front of the campus.

After that, the speaker took me in his arms and gave me my first French kiss. My feelings rode a roller coaster and the thoughts in my head confused me. But he was just beautiful. His lips broke away from mine. He turned to another man and kissed him with his tongue as well.

Gay Stories New From Jail: Busted And Locked Up

I first watched as the men kissed and touched each other. Confused, I stood there and did not know what exactly I should do. Then a hand reached out and pulled me to him. I was in the hands of a strong man who kissed my neck. The burgeoning feelings were driving me crazy and when his hand moved into my pants, I had already had my first orgasm. This was, after all, my first homosexual experience. I was very embarrassed, but the men took it with humor and were happy to have a "freshman" with them.

They continued and took off their clothes as well. I just stood there and felt a renewed excitement come up in me. I wanted to go and join in. When one of the men waved at me, I briefly thought I had voiced my thought. As if in a kind of trance, I walked up to the men, who were now completely naked and busy jerking their cocks.

I did not move at all, at least not consciously, because I was overwhelmed by the gentle touches and the wonderful feelings. I closed my eyes and just enjoyed the moment. The men passionately took care of my body and covered it with kisses and other touches.

At some point I felt a hand directly on my cock and it wasn't long before it was hard as a rock. Then I enjoyed my very first blowjob and this feeling surprised me so much that I had to groan. This seemed to spur the blower on, because he gave me another orgasm with his mouth, this time much more intense.

He then positioned his face directly opposite mine and told me to open my mouth. Still in a trance, I followed the request. He kissed me and handed me my own sperm. I was startled and immediately spit it out. He just grinned at me. Kissed me again and was back with his hand on my cock.

All of a sudden I felt that my testicleswerelicked and sucked an ew as in a gay stories .Such an intensity of pleasure and desire I have never felt again after that, however, these were also my first experiences as a proud, homosexual man. On this day I had certainly four orgasms, until the police separated us from each other. In the other cells the same spectacle took place and - as already mentioned - the officers had a lot to do. But to this day I imagine that sometimes they were not as quick with their disturbances as they could have been. Maybe some of them were on our side after all? Not gay, but pro-community?

However. We were taken into custody after the row and were called a "danger to social morals". During the time in prison I was able to make various contacts in the scene and that's what opened some doors (and butts) for me.

I spent my study time with orgies and hot sex practices, when I was not studying for exams or attending lectures. As I said ... That time is gone. But no one can take the memories away from me and through writing I can relive my past gay stories. Again and again.


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  1. Comfortably in my regular pub I went to the toilet. There was already a man, about my age. I looked to the side and saw that he was massaging his cock. Fascinated, I watched him. And suddenly, without wanting it, my cock became hard, I was suddenly horny. I started rubbing it. The guy next to me saw it and turned to me. pulled back the skin and presented me his hard cock. As if of my own accord, I turned to him and took a step towards him completely unconsciously. I could no longer help myself and took his spanking in my hand and he also took mine. I experienced a horniness that I had never experienced before. He put his arm around me, pulled me into one of the cubicles and closed the door. He opened my pants and pulled them down. He kneaded, stroked and grabbed me. My knees went weak and I clung to him. He squeezed and rubbed my cock, turned me around and pressed his cock into my pucker. We stood like that for quite some time and I enjoyed it. All of a sudden I wanted to be fucked, grabbed his cock and lead it to my anus and immediately he pushed it in slowly. I almost blacked out, I marveled and started to mend. I experienced it only in unrestrained trance, horny without end. From this I still feed today and am always looking for.


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