My CFNM stories take you to another world

CFNM Stories

You're probably wondering what CFNM stories are doing on this site. But let me tell you: Even as a homosexual it is quite possible to practice this.

I like to use the term CFNM stories because I like to do this practice with men who dress extra feminine for me and also have pretty makeup.

Because, let's face it, there's nothing hornier than messing up a slut's makeup and then being happy about it, satisfying and being satisfied.

Yes, I am into this kind of sea games and over time I have found many men who share my passion. I'm not only into sexual intercourse per se, but also love to dominate my counterpart so that it consumes with lust.

So I go out occasionally and look for a horny guy with whom I can have a lot of fun. Also on the Internet I have already found many men who are into makeup and me.

Last month I went stalking again and found a really great guy. The makeup looked professional and I quickly resolved to have fun with this guy. I was so hoping that we would be on the same page sexually - and I was not disappointed. That's why this CFNM stories has a (horny) happy ending.

CFNM stories with dominance factor

We had a stimulating conversation and until the session I am always a true gentleman. Therefore, of course, the drinks were on me. I also could not help but to emphasize again and again the beauty that emanated from this man with the not too discreet, but also not too conspicuous makeup. At this time, I did not know how hot our night together would become.

After holding a stimulating conversation, we decided to walk together. Already on the way back our conversation became dirtier and dirtier. The guy told me that he was a "submissive slut" and would do anything for his master. That was exactly what I wanted to hear. Therefore, I was secretly pleased that I had not fidgeted long and invited him to my apartment.

Of course, I have set up a playroom for my desire. So I want to make sure that with me really everyone gets his money's worth. So it should be on this evening. My guest was simply wonderful.

We went directly to the playroom. In the somewhat dim light, I could once again enjoy the face of a beautiful male body, whose face was decorated with a beautiful women's makeup.

I left my suit on (which is why this is one of my CFNM stories), because after all, the nudity was to highlight the submissive.

I made myself comfortable on my armchair and first lit a cigar with relish. Then I let the bitch dance for me first. The hips moved swinging and no question: This guy hypnotized me. I could hardly wait to fuck him. After his horny naked dance, I now wanted to be active myself and stood up.

CFNM stories and action all night

He was really a slut through and through. Because hardly had I risen, he knelt down, put his hands behind his back and lowered his head submissively. This action had already made my cock jerk up and I was already looking forward to everything that would come from now on.

I took his head in my hands and praised him for how well he sat in front of me. I got my paddle, stood behind him and gave him the first light strokes on his ass. A pleasurable moan could be heard and therefore I had no inhibitions to strike harder. The first red areas appeared and I couldn't help but bring him to his knees, spread his ass and give him a hot rimjob. I could feel him jerking his cock. But that didn't work at all. At least not for me, not at that moment and not in my dominant role.

I immediately ended the rimjob and initiated an appropriate punishment, which consisted of ten blows on the butt. These blows were supposed to be violent and they were. His moans made me hot and it only excited me more that I was fully clothed and my counterpart naked. After the punishment, he had to ask for an apology and lick my shoes clean. Meanwhile, I continued to smoke my cigar.

After a few minutes he was allowed to stop and then had to give me a wonderful blowjob. His task: he had to bring me to orgasm. What he did not know is that I am a master of orgasm control. That's why the blowjob lasted accordingly. But at some point I finally wanted to ruin this makeup. That's why I went along more and more with the rhythm.

I pulled my cock out of my mouth and began to jerk it. He knew immediately and opened his greedy mouth. Now I didn't want to control myself anymore and enjoyed the horny feeling of the upcoming orgasm. My load poured over the complete face and the makeup was now finally history like CFNM stories.

Now he was also allowed to get his money's worth. I made him kneel, positioned myself behind him and jerked his cock from behind. While he enjoyed his handjob, I continued to work on the ass and provided him with bruises and red spots. It was just wonderful.

It was not long before he squirted in my CFNM stories on the floor and on my hand. Of course he had to lick my hand clean and then I penetrated his ass still with a large dildo. I made sure that every thrust stimulated his prostate. In the process, I always landed a hit. The moaning and desire for more confirmed me in my action.

A second orgasm was definitely on the way with my sex partner, but just before I simply stopped. The surprise was successful. The guy went straight to his knees and asked for more.

After a break, of course, I gave him the second orgasm and the load landed this time completely on the floor. At the end I threw him the clothes. He dressed immediately, said goodbye with: "Thank you master.", bowed and went his way.

In the past, I honestly always wondered if I was the only man who was into CFNM stories in the gay scene. But I have found that I am not alone with this fetish. And especially in the mix with BDSM, the contrast of "naked" and "dressed" - at least in my opinion - always comes out particularly well.


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