The mini-series "It's a Sin" was nominated for a coveted British TV award

Russell T. Davies is enjoying real success with the mini-series "It's a Sin. The series has been nominated for theBaftaseveral times and in different categories. This is one of the most coveted and well-known British television awards. The numerous nominations speak for themselves. The series seems to be well received not only by viewers, but also by critics.

At the awards ceremony, it should be particularly exciting for the participants. They are nominated in the coveted "Best Mini-Series" category, among others. But even if they don't win, there's still a good chance that they will in one of the other categories.

"It's a Sin" was nominated for the Bafta

A multitude of nominations: "It's a Sin" takes off

The nomination for "Best Mini-Series" is just one of many categories in which the makers and contributors of "It's a Sin" are likely to be in for an exciting time at the awards. Olly Alexander (Ritchie) and Lydia West (Jill) have also been nominated for "Best Actor in a Leading Role" and "Best Actress in a LeadingRole". In addition, other colleagues from the crew can hope for a Bafta in the category "Best Supporting Actor".

The final outcome will be revealed on May 8, 2022. The awards will then be presented at a wonderful gala ceremony.
And even if "It's a Sin" doesn't win a prize in all the categories in which it was nominated, the series already has many awards and prizes to its name. It has won awards at the British LGBT Awards, the Monte-Carlo Television Awards and the Seoul International Drama Awards, among others. This alone shows that the TV community's interest in the important topic that the series deals with is constantly growing... And will certainly continue to do so in the future.

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What is "It's a Sin" actually about?

The series "It's a Sin" was produced by the British director Russel T. Davies and is divided into five episodes. The story is set in the 1980s. Everything revolves around three gay men who live in London. Here they live in a shared flat with Jill, their best friend.

One particular topic that is addressed in the plot, sometimes more, sometimes less bluntly, is AIDS. This is due to the fact that the disease was also widespread in England, especially in the 1980s and 1990s. In addition, there were many rumors that burdened the community in particular in this context.

In the series, the first cases from the USA become known. But at some point, the HI virus also reaches England and turns the lives of the three openly living homosexuals upside down. The impression often arises that "It's a Sin" is in a certain way also a kind of "heart project" for many actors. Because: Among others, famous queer artists have also decided to make a guest appearance. One of the best known among them is Patrick Harris ("How I Met Your Mother").

Now it remains to be seen whether the level of awareness of "It's a Sin" will increase even further in the coming weeks. But even so, the series can certainly already be considered a success in many respects.


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