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Gay cinema Switzerland

In the gay cinema in Switzerland it is often hot. Especially on the weekends there is a lot going on here. In the various regions, you will not only meet Swiss people, but also vacationers who are looking for an erotic break.
You don't want to buy a pig in a poke? No problem! Of course you can also visit the Swiss gay cinema with your boyfriend or with a date. The men here are open and will not look surprised if you do not show up alone. Sometimes more people just bring more fun.

What can you expect in the gay cinemas in Switzerland?

A lot! ..., in every respect. Gay cinema in Switzerland are characterized by a high standard. Here, neither wishes remain open in terms of hygiene, nor in connection with the film offer. And it is exactly this aspect that makes a visit "in front of the screen" so exciting.
No matter if you are in the mood for extroverted or introverted guys, for some BDSM or for classic sex: You should find what you are looking for in any case.

Which Swiss cities have gay cinema?

The most popular gay cinemas are located in the larger Swiss cities, such as Basel or Lucerne. However, there are also some relevant locations in places where you might not expect a gay cinema.
Therefore, it is worthwhile in any case to keep your eyes and ears open and, if necessary, to inquire about insider tips within the scene. Even if the standards in Swiss gay cinemas are high, all locations are characterized by an individual flair, which is largely determined by the audience. Some are attributed more to the BDSM scene, others more to glory hole action. If you like, just inquire in advance - or let yourself be surprised.

Please always with rubber

The action on the screen is boiling over and it's also hot in the cinema hall? Then you should not forget - despite all the passion - to put on a rubber. This way you will make sure that you will remember your evening at the gay cinema in a very positive way.

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