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Gay cinemas Lucerne

You are on business or private in Lucerne and have - more or less spontaneously - desire for sex? How about a visit to a gay cinema? Cruising World has become part of the city's scene and is accordingly popular.

Whether you've been here before or this is your first visit, it certainly won't be boring. Because: the name says it all, doesn't it?

Who do you meet at the gay cinema in Lucerne?

Over time, more and more gays have discovered sex cinemas for themselves. No wonder! After all, here you can have sex anonymously either undisturbed in a booth or openly in the cinema hall, say goodbye afterwards and look forward to your next cruising adventures.

Gay cinema in Lucerne is no exception in this regard. Therefore, according to our experience, it is visited by the most different types: experienced and less experienced men, students, commuters, vacationers... They are all attracted to watch a gay porn and to be "inspired" by the action on the screen. Are you joining us?

When is the gay cinema particularly busy?

There is no "hard and fast rule" here. As long as you stop by during opening hours, the likelihood that you won't be alone for long is actually always extremely high. However, if you feel like going to a gang bang party, it's best to stop by on the weekend. Here, only very few people have to think about getting up early the next morning, for example. And that's exactly why the hustle and bustle on Saturdays and Sundays is usually particularly exuberant.

On a date? Sure!

Gay cinemas are becoming increasingly popular meeting places when it comes to "kidnap" your next ONS, for example, in a particularly erotic ambience. You already know the gay cinema in Lucerne and want to show it to a hot guy from the chat? If he is also interested in gay cruising, there is actually nothing against suggesting a location of this kind to him.

Depending on how well you get along, you can stop by here not just for a detour, but for several hours to get to know each other "extra well."

As always, however, please do not forget condoms! In this way, the transmission of STDs can be avoided in the vast majority of cases.

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