The Jagsttal Ost rest area on the A81 motorway

Jagst Valley Rest Area
The Jagsttal service area is located on the A81 freeway near Heilbronn. It is mega easy to reach and is located directly between the Osterburken and Möckmühl freeway exits. It is especially popular with truckers, commuters and long-distance drivers who travel on the route from Stuttgart to Würzburg are very popular. They usually stop here to take a short break. You can also get something to eat at the rest stop or fill up your car at one of the gas pumps.

But this parking lot is not only popular for refueling and eating, but also for uninhibited cruising. Every day, gay and bisexual men meet here at the Jagsttal rest area. Most of the time you can find them spread around the parking lot and also on the benches. The most popular meeting place, however, is again at the public restroom, which is located directly at the rest stop.


Likewise, you can also cool cruising at the Stöckenbergsee.

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