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Gay Cruising Baden-Wuerttemberg

Gays who want to cruise in nature AND at rest areas, but also at various establishments, will get their money's worth in Baden-Württemberg. The list of meeting places for fast sex is long and at least as varied.

So if you've been on the lookout for flaps, parks, parking lots and the like where the action is hot - both during the day and at night - you should definitely pay this state a visit... If you don't already live here anyway.

What's so special about cruising in Baden-Württemberg?

The gay scene in Baden-Württemberg is known for its versatility and openness. If you have never cruised before, you will certainly feel just as comfortable here as the "old hands".

In this context, it is also particularly "practical" that gay cruising in the state brings together a wide variety of people, some of whom are also from the bi scene. You feel like a little BDSM sex in the open air? Depending on the location, that's not much of a problem either. Over time, the scene has become larger and larger and accordingly the sex outside the bedroom more individual.

Cruising tourist highlights

Among other things, Baden-Württemberg offers many tourist hot spots that turn into popular cruising areas during the evening and night hours. A particularly well-known example of this is Lake Constance and the Überlingen region.

As long as it's still light out, many men warp into the bushes in search of "more". At night, a new world comes to life. Then it is also partly hot at the water now and then. Here it is called "check the situation and enjoy!".

Ideal for quick sex: rest stops in Baden-Württemberg

Many truckers and commuters don't have long to wait when they pull into a rest area. They want to get to their train as quickly as possible. And that is exactly what is often evident at the various locations. Classic places to "get to know eachother" are the rest houses, benches and/ or wooded areas.

If you want, just use a chat to arrange an appointment in advance. So you know exactly who is waiting for you where. Maybe you heat up the mood in advance with one or the other photo? Gay cruising can be so uncomplicated - especially if you know where most guys are waiting.

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