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Gay Cruising A81

Those who want to cruise along the A81 are often spoiled for choice. After all, the options for enjoying fast sex here are very versatile. How about a visit to the flap at Rottweil's town hall? Or with a short stop at the Eschachtal freeway service area?

These two examples alone show that gay cruising on the A81 caters to a wide variety of tastes.

If you are (still) unsure and don't know what exactly you are into, you can also visit the different locations bit by bit to find out where you want to spend your next sex evenings.

Cruising in a natural environment - a visit to Lake Pfaffensee

Lake Pfaffensee on the A81 is one of the locations that enjoys particular popularity - among other things because it is comparatively easy to turn night into day there. When walkers, hikers and dog walkers have left, the scene comes alive here. Especially in the somewhat denser bushes, it's often a hot time.

Tip: Pfaffensee is one of the more spacious cruising areas in the region. If you have arranged to meet a guy via chat, you should have agreed on a meeting place as precisely as possible.

Rest stop sex on the A81

There are many rest stops along the A81 that have become real hot spots for the gay scene. Some of them, such as the Jagsttal rest area, are surrounded by smaller pieces of forest. Is there a better place to hide?

However, the later it gets, the higher the probability that you will meet your suitable counterpart in the area of the toilet stalls. Under the cover of darkness, sex often shifts to the cars or to the more secluded, but still asphalt areas.

Here you need to look around and check the situation for horny guys.

Alone or with a partner?

Whether you cruise on the A81 alone or with your partner is of course up to you. Both - the single cruising as well as the couple cruising - has its charm. As long as you agree on what is allowed and what is not, everything is fine. Last but not least, don't forget your rubbers!

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