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Gay Car Cruising

Nowadays, gay car cruising stands for a particularly uncomplicated way of having sex, for example at rest stops or in parking lots and often near the highway.

While some locations like the parking garage at Sterntor are real insider tips here, there are many places that are very well known within the scene and are well visited at different times of the day as well as night.

Here everything revolves around cars, their back seats and lots of sex. But what should you actually look out for when gay car cruising? And who can you meet there?

What is special about gay car cruising?

Gay car cruising is especially popular among the singles of the scene. However, there are also many couples who love to bring a little more kick into their relationship this way.

Especially due to the fact that here you don't know who might be knocking on your car window, there are always new surprises.

However, if you are one of those who prefer to plan their sex dates a little in advance, you can of course choose to meet at a rest area. In the chat, you are sure to quickly meet like-minded people with whom you can exchange preferences, date and time.

So that you don't have to search too long for each other in a crowded parking lot, it often helps to exchange at least rough information about the car (for example, color and make).

Where can you find the right partners for gay car cruising?

As mentioned earlier, you can show up at the different gay car cruising places spontaneously or with an appointment.

It's best to park your car near the restroom stalls or at the edge - for example, near a forest or dirt road. Here it often doesn't take long - especially on weekends and in the evening hours - for truckers, commuters and other members of the scene to take notice of you. (Caution. If you have sex in too central a spot in the parking lot, you risk getting caught. With all the passion, it is therefore important to opt for a rather inconspicuous place. Otherwise there is the threat of trouble - especially during the day).

Of course, if you want to show the other men what or who is waiting for them, you can stand by your car.

One thing you should always have in your glove compartment when gay car cruising: your condoms! Because: with all the erotic fun, safety must not fall by the wayside. - Gay Cruising A1