The toilet and the parking lot at the sports field

Parking lot at the sports field

The parking lot at the sports field is located in the northeastern part of Bad Buchau. It is located directly at the end of the town on the Oggelshauser Straße (L280) which leads to Oggelshausen. Right next to the rest area is the sports field of Bad Buchau, which is equipped with a huge soccer field.

But also the otherwise so boring parking lot is a well-known classic in the scene. Because here at the parking lot at the sports field usually meet on weekends gays and bisexual men to cruise together. But not only on the parking lot, but also in the public toilet next door, it can go neatly. For this, it is best to meet only inside or directly at the urinals.


But also at the parking lot Belzweide there is a wonderful cruising area

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