The Niederrimsinger Baggersee in Freiburg

Niederrimsinger quarry pond

The Niederrimsinger Baggersee is located west of Freiburg im Breisgau. But the German-French border is also just three kilometers away. The lake itself has an area of over 53.5 hectares and is especially suitable for swimming and splashing around in the summer. It is especially popular with local city dwellers thanks to its blue-turquoise waters and quiet location. But actually it is just a dredging lake used for sand and gravel extraction.

But the Niederrimsinger Baggersee also has a very different side. This side is that of the nightly and everyday demand of gay and bisexual men. This means that they meet here on the beach shore during the warm summer months to cruise together. But also in winter the cruising lovers gather here at the lake. But there they meet rather at the parking lot where they can enjoy themselves in and around their cars.


You can also go cruising in peace of mind at Schlachtensee.

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  1. Not much going on since Corona....
    written by ErwillUndkann, onOctober 1, 2021

    Before Corona it was always very horny there ! Has been fucked and rimmed several times by beautiful cocks.....many NS lovers,who also swallow the yellow stuff...was once fucked by four cocks in a row and at the same time my cock was sucked...

    1. Author Response
      From Julian written, onOctober 6 2021

      I hope that the situation calms down a bit and at the horny Cruising Baggersee times again the sow out can be let...

  2. I miss the lake totally...
    written by Meik, onMay 19, 2022

    I grew up in the 80s, at the Rimmsinger. There were the gays still in the forest behind, I often went behind... I miss the Rimmsinger totally, and also the nudist... I am also gay, and love the nudist do... In the 80s, it was mega nice there...


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