The parking lot at the Lappersdorf traffic circle

Lappersdorf traffic circle
The parking lot at the Lappersdorf traffic circle is located in the town of Regensburg which in turn belongs to the federal state Bavaria belongs. It is a very popular destination, especially in spring and summer. Because from here you can relax the shore of the river estuary Rain reach. Here you can enjoy wonderful walks and hours in the warm season. Besides, here you can enjoy the wonderful nature at any time and leave behind the everyday stress and forget everything around you for a moment.

But even in the late evening and at night, the parking lot at the Lappersdorf traffic circle is still full of life. Because at this time of day, dozens of Regensburgers gather here to cruise and have fun. Most of them are gay and bisexual. But also a large part of them are heterosexuals from the neighborhood who want to gather new experiences. For the real pleasure they retreat into the car or into the surrounding bushes.


There is also a lot of fun to be had at the Beverbach rest stop .

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  1. Lappersdorf traffic circle
    written by Indra Busch, onMarch 6, 2021

    At the Lappersdorfer traffic circle you meet in the evening about 20 clock, but also during the day cruising people, even couples use the area for a quick Quicki. You can meet mainly gays in the back area, bi interested and now and then at the wall DWT and transwomen. Now and then a professional lady gets lost. But so that it is not too griffig with the sex here, the police often comes over and ensures order to the traffic. All in all, an almost 100% adventure possible.

  2. Again and again the police comes unexpectedly voebei
    written by Indra Busch, onMay 14, 2023

    Too bad, the police always comes by and disturbs violently the cruising at the commuter parking Lappersdorf. It is not forbidden to meet there ? Or ?


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