The telecommunications tower Bovenden near Eddigehausen

Telecommunication tower Bovenden
The telecommunications tower Bovenden is located on the 350 meter high Easter Mountain. It extends only a few meters east of the city, to which it owes its name. In addition, north of the mountain is also the dreamy village of Eddigehausen, which is particularly important for the Plesse castle is known and south of the Nikolausberg. He himself is a transmitter Type FMT 2. and serves to distribute FM radio, mobile radio and directional radio throughout the region. In addition, all TV transmission cables go from this satellite receiving station into the ground so that the box at home rattles.

And right here at the telecommunications tower Bovenden also loves the gay scene to spread their wings. They use this quiet and deserted area around the TV tower to cruise relaxed among themselves. Especially popular is this gay cruising area in the summer as soon as everything here is already densely overgrown. But also at night people like to gather here, there you mostly meet older gentlemen, DWTs but also numerous young twinks who are looking for a little action. Particularly popular meeting places at the telecommunications tower Bovenden are the joggers and walking trailsbut also the large lawns that are located at the edge of the forest .


Likewise, the Herkulesberg is always worthwhile for a diversified side trip in Cologne.

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  1. I find the urinal in the Carré good in downtown Göttingen
    written by CruisingGöttingen, onMay 19, 2021

    The best cruising spot in Göttingen is the toilet/ urinal on the 1st floor in the Carré shopping mall. This is in the city center. Horny guys often jerk off there and there are no partitions between the urinals.

  2. Cream hunger
    written by Nikolas, onMay 20, 2021

    Am athletic bi 21 years shaved
    When are you always there ?


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