The fantastic cruising area Decksteiner Weiher

Decksteiner pond

The Decksteiner Weiher is located in beautiful Cologne and is a dreamlike feel-good scenery. It is wonderful for walking, jogging, cycling and much more at any time of year. In addition, you can canoe wonderfully here in the summer and picnic on the large beautiful meadows and enjoy the view.

Also the gay scene has fallen in love with the Decksteiner Weiher and meets here more and more often for a hot flirt. Because of its size and its numerous hiding places, it is perfect for cruising. Men with hot preferences and fantasies can live out here wonderfully and enjoy their sex life.


Visit but also times the Vorgebirgspark he is also worth perfect for cruising.

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  1. The ride in the water best
    written by Hey77, onNovember 20 2021

    When you are there you should really go on the water with a canoe it is such a nice experience to go there in the water and it is mega fun to go there with a canoe.


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