I am straight but I want to fuck gay men

Gay men fuck

The headline may sound a little confusing, but: It's true. I am 42 years old, married to a woman and want to fuck gay men regularly. I love to hang out at gay cruising locations and pursue my passion.

My wife knows nothing about this. I don't know how she would react. That's why I always try to keep everything that has to do with sex, with men, absolutely secret.

What exactly I find so horny about gay men fucking, I can not say exactly. Maybe it's the appeal of the forbidden? With my wife is generally not to think of anal sex. Gay men are more open here. And that's exactly what turns me on.

My story is about how I once went out again. As I have noticed, especially the visits to relevant rest stops are wonderfully suited to meet gay men. Since I do not want to wait long and also have very precise ideas, I always arrange via the Internet. That makes a lot of things easier.

That was also the case that evening. I had arranged to meet a man named Jan. He stood on it to give the passive part and made me already hot in the chat, when he "revealed" to me how tight his ass is. We had arranged for 1 o'clock at night at the rest area. He had promised to bring a friend as well. How convenient.

Gay men fuck - I know how to do it

The rest area, which I like to visit for my gay cruising adventures, is equipped with tables and benches, among other things. The lighting here is rather manageable. Practical for those who want to retreat under cover of darkness!

I didn't wait long before the two of them approached me. Jan and Robert greeted me briefly and knew exactly what I wanted. They pulled down their pants so that they hung at knee level and bent over the table next to each other. How horny was that? I could fuck two gay men and virtually choose with whom I started.

However, I decided to go with Jan. I also pulled down my pants and did not even have to jerk my cock hard. The part was completely stiff. I grabbed Jan's hip, positioned him correctly and penetrated him from behind. He moaned briefly with an "Oh my God, that's awesome!" and already made Robert next door a little envious. This one seemed to be just waiting for my penis.

But: He still had to be patient for a little while. After all, my first task was to make Jan come. And exactly this task I took very seriously. I pushed again and again and was happy about every moan.

All of a sudden, Robert also started to breathe heavily, because he obviously couldn't take it anymore and did it to himself. As my movements became more and more violent, Jan splashed half on the, half under the table.

Now it was Robert's turn. However, I wanted to take him in a different position. I sat down on the bench and indicated to him that he should sit on my lap. That's exactly what he did. When my cock disappeared into his hole, he also groaned heavily and held onto the table with one hand. I had not expected this. Because: This position virtually left him in control. He could ride me as he liked and I could just sit there and enjoy or get angry that I actually wanted to penetrate much deeper, but he did not allow it (yet).

The whole thing was then increased by the fact that Jan held my hands and I could not move, so to speak. My orgasm and I were dependent on Robert's whims. Jan cheered his buddy on "Give it to him! I'm sure he'll cum in a minute!".

I didn't want to do them that favor yet. They should be surprised how steadfast I was. I thought of everything I could think of to cool down again. And actually I managed it even briefly that my latte, which was really almost before exploding, said goodbye again. Of course, this did not go unnoticed. Both saw this as a kind of challenge. They knelt in front of me and sucked alternately on my cock. And already the boner was there again.

I wanted to fuck one of them. Or both. In the end, I didn't care. I had to let off steam with them. So I positioned them again like at the beginning. They bent over the table and held their asses out to me. I knew for sure that I would cum on one of them. I quickly jerked off once or twice more and started again with Jan. Just before I was to cum, I switched to Robert. Now I would return the favor for teasing him. He moaned louder and louder and so hard I had not yet thrust the entire evening. "Like that, you like that?" I yelled at him. "Yes!" he yelled and I'm sure others at the rest area heard us as well.

I noticed how my cock pulsated and I came. I squirted Robert on his back while Jan jerked off next to me and had an orgasm. Robert certainly did it to himself again that night. Because I did not let him come. Punishment must be.

And of course, from time to time I think about how it would be if a man would take me. I can't imagine it at the moment, but I also say clearly that I would never say "never".

In the meantime, I have become a little more experimental. Now and then I grab my wife's dildo and some lube and have my fun. And yes, I moan when I insert the part. Especially when I switch to the vibration function and just give myself over to my passion, it doesn't take long for me to cum. However, if at some point I will experience the passive part with a man, I have to be sure that my partner is careful and stretches me beforehand. I have a hard time imagining being taken as hard as I have taken some guys. The way they always groan, especially when I thrust particularly hard, I firmly assume that the feeling must be just horny.

Especially when the passive part is playing around on the penis at the same time. Nevertheless, I would like to venture slowly here. However, one thing is also certain: I can not tell my wife about my sex excursions. There are just some things that one (s) should enjoy for themselves.


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  1. Bin Samstag in Münster Novum ca . 15 Uhr. Kannst mich schön ficken und rein spritzen😊😊

  2. Bin ne passiv devot M Stute zum benutzen. Suche AV aktive Typen die wissen was sie wollen und gerne aktiv ficken wollen.. Bin eng willig und immer geig gefickt zu werden.. Bin im Raum Oldenburg besuchbar auch über Nacht oder ganzes WE.. Du willst Druck abbauen und richtig geil ficken… Dann melde dich einfach bei mir sperlichjanni@web.de

  3. Ich bin der Marco aus Gießen und suche dringend einen relativ jungen hübschen Boy oder auch gleich mehrere… ohne groß Rum gelaber, gleich zur Sache kommen 🤩💋 Ich bin Bi… aber noch Jungfrau was Männer angeht.Sehr gerne auch mit ner hübschen Transfrau.Alles erlaubt!🔞

  4. Soweit bin ich noch nicht! Ich bin einfach ganz geil drauf Schwänze zu blasen! Auch auf die frisch gewichste Sahne! Wo treff ich Dich?

    1. Bin gerade total geil auf dich 💋 lass uns einfach treffen noch heute.mir tropft schon voll der Saft aus meinem Fickschwanz 💦 Bin in Gießen Philosophenwald.Hab kein Auto kannst du mich abholen und wir ficken irgendwo draußen schön ausgiebig 🔞💦💋


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