The sports presenter Olivier Borer has become a daddy

A wish has come true for sports presenter Olivier Borer and his husband. The two have become parents. Their son is called Naël Yunus and saw the light of day on 11.11.2022 in the USA. Thanks to a surrogate mother, nothing now stands in the way of the young family's happiness.

Olivier Borer and his husband actually live in Switzerland. Here, however, it is forbidden to father a child with the help of a surrogate mother. The situation is different in the USA. So the two sent their sperm to America.

As the delivery date got closer and closer, the two traveled to the U.S. to said surrogate mother to be there for the big moment and, of course, to stand by the surrogate mother.

Now the two are just happy that everything worked out.

Olivier Borer has become a father

Olivier Borer spread the news about the birth on Insta

The sports presenter decided to tell the world about the birth of his son via Instagram. Here he writes that they are the "proudest parents in the universe". At the same time they promise their child to love him unconditionally and always be there for him.

These beautiful words were supplemented by photos. So the community could immediately get a picture of the new citizen.

The post is brimming with love and happiness. Borer goes on to report that what both of them have experienced in the last few days cannot be put into words. They are overwhelmed and grateful. And the sports presenter also has only good words for the surrogate mother who carried their son. She is an angel and his partner and he are very happy that she is in their lives.

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It didn't take long for the comments column under the post to fill up with lovely congratulations - including those from prominent colleagues.

Olivier Borer has become a father

How does surrogacy work when it is not actually allowed in one's own country?

It will take some time before both Olivier Borer and his husband are recognized as equal fathers by the law. After all, there are still a few bureaucratic hurdles to overcome.

But after all that the two have already put behind them, exactly that should no longer be a major problem. After all, it was not clear for a long time whether they would have offspring in this way. The fertilization of the eggs did not go smoothly. In addition, doubts kept spreading about whether the financial and emotional burden might not be a little too great.

Borer and his husband are now registered on the American birth certificate. In Switzerland, however, the rules are somewhat different. Here, only the natural father is also the legal father. When the child is then one year old, an application for adoption can be filed.

The contact with the surrogate mother should be maintained

The two new fathers have resolved that contact with the surrogate mother should not break off. They also want to be open with their offspring. This means that if their son asks about his mother at some point, he should be able to find out who she is.

Bohrer, his husband and little Naël Yunus are still in the USA. It remains to be seen when the three will make their way to Switzerland. However, it is likely that the time of getting to know each other will now be just as exciting for dad and papa. And Bohrer will certainly keep the community up to date again.

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