These naked sleeping facts everyone should know

Those who sleep naked can benefit on different levels. Therefore, there are now many people who ensure that sleeping naked has become a real cult over time.

Regardless of whether clothing is only dispensed with now and then or in general at night: the body definitely notices a difference, even if this is often only explicitly perceived in the second moment.

The following points show how it is possible to benefit from sleeping naked. At the same time, of course, it should always be kept in mind that every person is different. Those who are absolutely not comfortable with textile-free relaxation should of course not force themselves to do so.

Sleep naked - yes or no?

Point No. 1: Many nude sleepers sleep more peacefully

... especially if the pajamas that are otherwise worn were chosen too tight. A constant pinching and scratching can even make you wake up at night and simply feel uncomfortable. These problems do not exist when sleeping naked, of course.

However, in order to take full advantage of the benefits, it is of course important that the comforter is made of comfortable materials. Otherwise, the comfort factor as an advantage is immediately relativized.

Point No. 2: The relationship can also benefit

Many men find it extremely attractive when their boyfriend lies naked next to them. Allegedly, sleeping naked supports, among other things, the "cuddle hormone" oxytocin. However, many experts have a different opinion here. Because: the said hormone is also produced by the body when couples in love cuddle up to each other with (!) clothes on.

Whether couples in which one or both sleep naked next to each other in general actually have sex more often has not yet been proven. As is so often the case, this depends on individual preferences anyway. However, those who sleep without clothes should not be surprised if they are woken up by their partner every now and then to have a little fun.

Point No. 3: Supposedly air helps against bacteria and co.

Wearing tight knickers can promote the development of bacteria. Accordingly, the logical conclusion for many is to simply take off the pants.

However, in order to benefit here, it is of course also important to change the comforter and the sheet regularly. Anyone who is careless here is unlikely to achieve any noticeable effect.

Final tips about sleeping naked

There are many myths surrounding nude sleeping, so it makes most sense to find out for yourself by trial and error whether doing without pajamas and the like is perceived as pleasant or unpleasant.

In order to create the best possible basic conditions, it is helpful to observe the following tips:

  1. The bedding should feel comfortable against the skin and be able to absorb sweat quickly. Breathable materials are great for providing a solid base. The classic cotton is considered one of the best alternatives. Linen - especially in winter - is perceived by many as too cold.
  2. Breathable or air-permeable mattresses can also increase the comfort factor when sleeping naked. If you want to be on the safe side, you should choose mattresses for allergy sufferers and/or biomattresses.
  3. The human body does not notice that it is cold during sleep. Therefore, in case of doubt, it is always better to have a second blanket at hand. If this is then felt to be too warm, it can always be put aside.
Should you sleep naked or not?

Many people are enthusiastic about the positive effects that sleeping naked can bring. However, the research situation is still too opaque to clearly state that sleeping without clothes is healthy.

Who wants to know whether he is a "nude sleep type" or not, is therefore well advised to try the whole thing - best under consideration of the above tips - just once... And maybe surprise the partner so.


By the way, Lars Steinhöfel and Dominik Schmitt are now engaged.

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