New video game "The Beat" launches with queer main character

In the world of video games, there are (at least so far) only a few games that deal with the LGBTQIA+ community. However, this is about to change. One of the pioneers in this context is perhaps the game "The Beat: A Glam Noir Game".

In this game, the main character is a homosexual police officer, but he keeps his sexuality hidden. However, it's not just about a gay policeman. Rather, the entire storyline deals with queer topics.

Several queer films seem to have served as inspiration here. Among other things, some real, historical locations were also incorporated into the plot. All these factors make the video game seem even more authentic.

Gay Video Game - The Beat A Glam Noir Game

What is The Beat: A Glam Noir Game about?

The Beat: A Glam Noir Game is played on the PC. It's about solving a murder case in a gay bar. Added to that: There are only seven days in total to prevent another murder.

The players can influence the main character's decisions via the dialog boxes. The protagonist finds himself in many lovingly designed locations, including an LGBTQIA+ bar and the beach.

The principle behind the game is easy to understand. Nevertheless, it is of course important to read the dialogs carefully and think about the next step (and its possible consequences) thoroughly.

English film as inspiration

In the 1980s, the cult film "My Beautiful Laundrette" was released in England. In this film, two young homosexual men open a laundrette and want to build a laundry empire, but have to deal not only with everyday business, but also with many family and social problems. By the way, this very location is one of the real places that were integrated into the video game.

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In any case, it is particularly impressive that the developers not only care about describing the queer community, but also include some places that have played or still play an important role for the scene - in whatever respect. And not only the aforementioned laundry from the film found a way into the video game.

Gay Video Game - The Beat A Glam Noir Game

Other important places in the queer community

The beach that appears in the video game also has a reference to a real place. The "Black Rose Beach" in Melbourne served as a model. At the end of the 1970s, this beach was known for the fact that many men went gay cruising there. Since homosexuality was still a punishable offense at the time, many officials used a trick. They mainly sent their particularly good-looking colleagues over. These then had the task of convicting homosexual men. And the pub in the video game was also modeled on an LGBTQIA+ bar in Melbourne.

The game developers put a lot of effort into representing the LGBTQIA+ community in a video game in a worthy way.

And who knows? Maybe it's games like this that will continue to inspire other game makers in the future?

What role does queerness play in the field of video games?

Many people think that diversity in the field of video and PC games is still in its infancy. And indeed, a look at the hit games of the present and the past shows that most heroes are clearly male or clearly female. Information about sexual orientation is rarely given.

In the meantime, however, there are some characters who cannot be clearly categorized as "male" or "female". A sign of a turning point? Maybe. Here - as so often - we have to wait and see.

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