The Further Moor forest parking lot near Langenfeld

Forest parking Further Moor

The Further Moor forest parking lot is located near Langenfeld and is easy to reach. In addition, it is located directly on the A3 freeway and has countless parking options. The parking lot is completely surrounded by a beautiful forest with walking and hiking trails. Especially in the warm summer months here is particularly busy, as well as at any time of day or night.

To have fun at the Further Moor forest parking lot, you usually retreat in the wonderful forest. Because the gay scene has made this parking lot a cruising meeting place. Several times a day, willing men meet here, who want to retreat together in nature to cruise with each other. Mostly you meet here gays, bisexuals and couples, all age groups are represented here.


The Reusrather Heide parking lot is also absolutely recommendable.

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  1. Horny/Good
    written by Andreas, onJune 14, 2021

    I was on Friday evening in the parking lot, about 20 people mostly men of all ages were present came and drove again.
    A gentleman asked me to go with him in the forest, but could not penetrate me. The strokes and penis massage were pleasant.
    All in all, a well-kept parking lot, only the trash cans were too full.


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