The lido Eldena in Greifswald

Eldena lido
The popular lido Eldena is located on the Dänische Wiek near Greifswald. The beach has 6 hectares of sunbathing area for all visitors and is equipped with various sports and play areas. Because the water here is nice and shallow and thus warms up faster, attracts thousands of visitors every day in the summer. But also a few meters further out you can swim, dive and enjoy the Baltic Sea.

But also the gay scene has discovered this wonderful beach resort for themselves. This gay cruising area is located only a few hundred meters from the actual beach Eldena. You only have to walk from the regular beach to the right to the nudist area. But also further to the small sand section in the dunes the cruising area stretches. There you can see the waiting and crispy sunbathers everywhere from afar. The dunes are perfect for cruising, but also the Baltic Sea and the beach itself.

Elmenhorst beach is also very popular among the gays and straights.

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  1. Eldena
    written by Hgwboy, onMay 5, 2022

    Too much audience and Peeping Toms in the evening, when it is dark it is quite nice at or in the monastery ruins.


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