The nudist beach at the Sollnitz Lake

Sollnitz lake
The Sollnitz Lake has an area of about 20.1 hectares and is located in the southern part of Dessau in a huge nature reserve. The four lakes and the three ponds in the northern part of Sollnitz were created in the 1970s after gravel had been dug there. Today, the water facilities are used for various water sports such as swimming, fishing & Co or for walking.

But the former quarry pond is also used by many gays and straights for gay cruising. For this, people meet at the parking lot of Sollnitz Lake, which is located directly on the L135. From there you walk to the opposite side of the lake and watch out for the shore or the hiking trail. Den there is the corner in which the gays usually always stay to have fun. The best times to cruise here are from dusk until late evening around 10 pm. For cruising here mostly use the bushes, the shore or the adjacent forest.


Have you ever been cruising at Möhlauer See?

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  1. Gay Cruising
    written by Paul2234, onNovember 28 2021

    I would like to go there. To see what it looks like there, also in the sexual sense.


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