The wonderful Austria Park in the middle of Berlin

Austria Park

Austria Park is located in the middle of Berlin and offers a cozy relaxing atmosphere. It is located only a few meters from the train station and is easily accessible by train, bus, car and on foot. It offers a dreamlike feel-good oasis in the green. Likewise, there are not only meadows, but also a small but beautiful lake. Here you can always wonderful walking, jogging, picnicking, swimming and make it comfortable on the shore and enjoy nature to the fullest.

Also again and again gay and bisexual men meet here at the Austria Park. For over a few years, the park has gotten around to cruising. Especially in the evenings and on weekends, there is a lot of activity here. Just keep your eyes open, it's worth it. Cruising you do here mostly on the meadows or in the numerous bushes and trees.


Lietzenseepark is also cool for cruising.

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