The beautiful Hiesfeld forest

Hiesfeld forest

The Hiesfelder Wald is located in Oberhausen and is easy to reach by car. It can be reached via the A3 freeway anyway the A2 freeway or via the L621 country road. It has an area of about 410 hectares and is divided into two parts. In 1957 the huge beautiful forest was put under nature protection. Due to its countless walking and hiking trails you can meet new people here every day.

But also gay and bisexual men can be met here in the Hiesfeld forest every day. The forest is perfect for cruising with its countless bushes and hiding places. In the gay scene it became a popular meeting place. As soon as it gets a little darker here the cruising really starts, all age groups can be found here from young to old. Also the straight men find more and more pleasure here to collect bi experiences.


The Grünzug Gewerbegebiet also offers a perfect gay cruising area.

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