Seductive transgender stories

Transgender stories

I just have to tell you this now. Something happened to me, I have never and never expected. So I was on the road this weekend and was there so in one or the other store. When I got stuck in the one, I saw a woman, the madness. I just had to go and see her. An ass that was out of this world. A figure that was almost divine. Slim athletic crisp skin and legs up to the sky. A dream without wanting to exaggerate.

Do not be surprised, the story still fits here. Well, I so ripping moderate just stubbornly towards them and without thinking about it they danced on. Surprisingly, she also went full on it and even let me really close to her. So it was really hot in the club, I'm there already the tube so swollen that I could not even get away from her, then everyone could see the bar. So we danced further, then she also just kissed me and made me even wilder. And then it became criminal. Since she whispered to me really in the ear that she wants to be fucked by me in the ass.

I thought to myself only, what a grenade and then also stand on such nasty things. Well I did not want to miss that of course. But gentleman like I am now I invited her for a drink and we are something changed into flirting. What she told me everything, how she will edit my member and that she does it so often until only air comes out. I did not know how it happens to me. Finally I was lucky and a woman like her wanted something from me. So I really dared and asked if she would like to come to me. In fact, she wanted to immediately with.

The woman with the pipe in her pants

So we to me and the entire time we are making out. I could really no longer, I just wanted to push my bulging cock in her tight hole. Since she has pulled up her skirt and said she would let me first only in her ass. I lay down and said quite cheeky that she should ride me then. She sat down reversed on me so that I saw her back. I felt her spit on my member, it was really wet. And then it got tight. Her rosette, she had really let me into her rosette. And ride me like possessed.

I wanted to see her naked so much, so I asked her. And then she said kneel down and undress me. Which I did and completely threw me off. She wasn't a woman, she was a guy, with a member thicker and bigger than mine. I was all confused, but he grabbed my hair and said now it was my turn. He just put his thing in my mouth. But it was kind of horny and I sucked on it. It was my first time. He or she, I don't know what to say, moaned like a woman, which drove me crazy. And also made me forget that then, when he has an orgasm, what comes out.

Until the moment when I suddenly had a warm liquid in my mouth. That came as a surprise again. He forced me to swallow it and kissed me immediately afterwards. Then it got even crazier he wanted to continue and what can I say I found it so exciting that mine also stood again. So I just kept going and let her or him guide me. We massaged each other's testicles and provided for plump limbs. Then he asked if I would like to have something inside. I had proper respect for it, after all, he was not small, but if you have the opportunity times, why not I thought.

Transgender stories experienced by straight man

So it became serious and I bent over the back of a chair and asked him to be gentle. The first penetration took a while, because the glans of him stretched me very hard. Such a transgender stories thing has but what. When I looked back, I saw an absolutely attractive woman with hammer breasts, although I currently had a waschechter penis in my rosette. He allowed me a few seconds to get used to it until he fucked me harder and harder. This was then already a bit unpleasant, but I wanted to allow him to come in me.

Then he also turned me around. And massaged my member while he took me really hard. Probably trained gays would say he took me tenderly in the ass, but for me it was hard. And then my orgasm came, with his penis inside me. Not that it wasn't horny, but it was surprising how intense the orgasm had been. Also that he fucked me then even further until he also had an orgasm pleased me very well.

Well! Conclusion for me, I will probably do from now on more often something with a penis or try. Whether I stay with transgender stories or try a gay man I do not know yet, but in any case I wanted to share this story with you.


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