AfD makes mood against queer commissioner Sven Lehmann

Sven Lehmann's fight with the AfD

From the beginning, the AfD made no secret of the fact that it is not enthusiastic about the fact that there is now a queer commissioner. Now, however, the verbal attacks seem to be getting more precise.

For example, MP Enrico Komning(Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania) accused Sven Lehmann of making "criminal" demands. This is precisely what would cause "irreparable psychological damage" to children.

What exactly is Enrico Komning bothered about?

The bone of contention seems to be Lehmann's demand that it should be possible for a child to have four parents with custody. "Children are our future and not the object of self-realization trips of wealth-lacking underemployed left-green ideologues", the AfDler explained further in this context.

In addition, in said video he addressed directly to the Chancellor and asked him "[...] Protect our children from Sven Lehmann!". Particularly explosive: In homophobic circles, there is always talk that the relationship between children and gays is dangerous. Accordingly, the statements of the AfD politician are questionable in several respects. After all, why should children have to be protected from gays if no bad intentions were suspected?

The topic "More rights for the parents of rainbow families" has been in the focus of politics for a long time. This goal was also stated in the coalition agreement.

AfD paints horror scenarios in the Bundestag

Enrico Komning is currently not the only politician who is stirring things up against the goals and aspirations of the new queer commissioner. Among others, he also gets support from Martin Reichardt. This tweeted "Traffic light plan: children should be able to have up to 4 custodians in the future. [...] The model of the traditional family must not be changed to the absolute softening.".

Health support for queers

Reichardt continued to express his opinion in the Bundestag. If the corresponding demands were implemented, he said, we would be on the way to a society "without family, without origin, without identity and without home. "

Further he shoots after that one should know that two women cannot have a child with each other. This is simply a matter of natural science. The Ministry of Family Affairs has become unrealistic and a "biology denier". Britta Haßelmann is said to have called Reichardt's statement "homophobic shit".

The AfD and the Queer Commissioner - probably a long story

The AfD and the Queer Commissioner - opinions could not be more different. Ever since Sven Lehmann's appointment, the right-wing party left no doubt that - to put it neutrally - it was not really thrilled to now have a man in politics whose job it is to stand up for the rights of the community.

The aversion and rejection of the so often cited "gender madness" is justified by many members of the AfD again and again with the protection of the traditional family. This is an argument that is also repeatedly used in connection with LGBTQI+ - hostile policies, for example in Poland and Hungary.

The good news, however, is that the demand for more equal rights, among other things also precisely in connection with rainbow families, has now been included in the coalition agreement, as already mentioned. In this context, the community benefits from increased visibility and - thanks to Sven Lehmann - from a man who should be determined enough to counter the critical voices with motivation.

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