Kellogg's presents Special Edition for Pride Month

Kellogg's Pride edition makes breakfast colorful
It won't be long now before Pride Month is celebrated once again. Kellogg's has decided to celebrate the occasion in a special way. Customers in the USA can secure a limited edition of the well-known breakfast cereal.

A portion of the proceeds will be donated.

Kellogg's already confirmed that this promotion is not valid worldwide. Accordingly, the "Special Edition" is only available in certain nations. But who knows? After all, Pride Month is celebrated every year. Perhaps the German fans of the brand and all those who can identify with the LGBTQ scene will also be able to enjoy the campaign in the coming years?

Kellogg's and Pride Month - a connection with tradition

Kellogg's Pride edition makes breakfast colorful
This is not the first time Kellogg's has supported the LGBTQ scene with the campaign around the colorful snacks.

In 2019, the decision was also made to launch a limited edition on the market. Even then, the success showed that it was right to focus on more tolerance and to use the influence that such a large company has.

The company (obviously) has no problem taking a stand on the issue. A strong sign that, among other things - albeit coincidentally - fits perfectly with the more LGBTQ-friendly policies under Biden in the USA.

What is behind "Together with Pride"?

Kellogg's Pride edition makes breakfast colorful
So that the motto 2021 "Together with Pride" can also be recognized at first glance, it naturally also needs a special design. This year, all the popular Kellogg's mascots can be seen together on one pack.

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All stand together around a bowl of brightly colored breakfast cereal in the shape of a heart. In this way, the rainbow flag, which has been a symbol of the homosexual movement for decades, is to be represented in a vivid way.

Unlike the last campaign, this time the limited-edition Kellogg's will find a place on the shelves of a wide variety of supermarkets. For every pack sold, the company would like to donate three dollars to GLAAD. For this to happen, however, the buyer must take action once again.

Before the money is finally donated, he must upload the receipt online. The process is explained step by step on the homepage so that no donation is lost.

How do customers react to the campaign?

Kellogg's has publicized the Special Edition on Instagram, among other places. Unfortunately, not all comments are positive. Most people respond with cheers and support the company for this action with comments like, "This is so great and important. Thank you Kellogg's US."

There are also some who criticize the action because they suspect that it is not about the good cause, but about the capital behind it. In the past, many companies, including in this country, have had to deal with the accusation that they are merely jumping on the "rainbow bandwagon" to improve their own image.

Unfortunately, there are also homophobic statements in the comments: "The action should be boycotted! It is an attempt to reach the children!" Comments like these clearly highlight why such actions are certainly more than necessary.

By the way: Kellogg's is only one of many companies that support Pride Month with various campaigns and statements. Other internationally known brands, such as Disney and IKEA, also support the LGBTQ community and show their colors.

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