Harald Glööckler was raised to the Austrian knighthood

Designer Harald Glööckler has every reason to be happy. He has been elevated to the Austrian knighthood. And that's because he has been campaigning for animal welfare and for children in need for many decades.

It wasn't too long ago that his fans had the chance to cheer him on in the German jungle camp. Even his critics had to admit to themselves, at the latest from the end of the first episode, that they might have underestimated him a little.

Harald Glööckler is now a knight

Harald Glööckler is knighted in a festive ceremony

In the picturesque surroundings of Schönbrunn Palace, the designer was knighted by Archduke Sandor of Habsburg Lorraine and Archduchess Herta Margarete of Habsburg, Lorraine. He was presented with the Imperial Austrian Order of Franz Joseph for his repeated efforts on behalf of groups living on the margins of society.

Glööckler himself also seemed to be thrilled not only by the presentation of the medal, but also by the "trappings". He emphasized to mannheim24.de that the whole thing had been "fabulous. In addition, one had had the feeling of having been transported to another century. He emphasized that the entire event had been staged just for him. And indeed: "Pompous" was the event in any case. Among other things, flag bearers and singers were also on hand, further underscoring the festive setting.

The designer loves Austria

Harald Glööckler seems to have a very special connection to Vienna and Austria. Among other things, he emphasized that he could imagine living not only in Berlin, but also in Vienna. Here, among other things, there is an "imperial flair" that also fits well with "Pompöös". His brand can already look back on a long history.

It has already been on the market for several decades and has always made it its business to be "different". Glööckler went against many standards that prevailed on the fashion market early on, creating, among other things, accessories and clothing with a particularly high recognition value.

Harald Glööckler is now a knight

Harald Glööckler is happy about his knighthood appointment in social media

It didn't take long until Harald Glööckler was officially happy about his knighthood appointment on his Instagram channel. He even describes the day or the event as the "absolute highlight" of his life.

He never made any secret of the fact that he was enthusiastic about monarchies. And it is precisely this honor that naturally fits particularly well in this context.

Anyone who takes a closer look at Harald Glööckler's history quickly realizes that he can do much more than "just" fashion. For a number of years, he has been campaigning for children in need and for animals. At the same time, after his appointment to the knighthood, he declared that he was the first designer at the time to decide to create fashion for women in "large sizes". To underline the whole thing, over the years he always emphasized "Every woman is a princess.".

Harald Glööckler has big plans

The "pompous" designer will definitely not be bored in the future either. Among other things, Glööckler plans to invest more time in his art in the future. In this context, he would like to arrange exhibitions abroad.

However, he continues to focus on what he has been known for for years anyway. He wants to bring new collections to the market. His fans will be pleased.


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