My first time gay ass fucking

Gay ass fucking

My outing is not so long ago and what can I say about it. I had always been more interested in the rosette than in well, the ladies hole. I like it just nice and tight and there you come back simply on a hornier pleasure. And then I really have to admit that I prefer the well-formed sight of a man's ass to the women. Earlier I never wanted to admit it, but then over time I just noticed it more and more and also gay ass fucking was actually something quite normal. Then long before my outing I just tried it.

And I was immediately taken, an athletic man was my first choice. I met him in a gym. Never would I have thought that he is so keen to get it hammered in the ass. But that's where I was wrong, he's so into it. He said at some point that the first time he tried anal he had an orgasm directly from a prostate massage. Since then day he always wants to have it, cum without having a hard-on. Exclusively through penetration and touching the prostate. I have never experienced this myself and also not really tried, however, he described it so ingenious that I would like it already like times.

But I have never taken the passive part and Gay Arschficken so never even held out. I am always the active part. Curious how it feels I am but then somehow. Where I also have a huge joy when I see how it squirts out of a limp cock just by my fuck in his ass. That's really something fine. As I said the first one I had a really well trained guy who came every time but he could really make absolutely tight. You had the feeling he always knew exactly what his opposite just needed intensity to not yet come or to finally end it.

Gay nudist

Fixated on men butt

what I was actually getting at was my pronounced fetish for well-shaped men's butts. The advantages are obvious, a butt packed with muscle is smooth, big, tight and crisp. Which is really something nice. So to me it says extremely well. Imagine when such a well-shaped butt moves in front of you. Tight and definitely nice and tight. No cellulite and the best not such a sagging ass. A man who does something for himself simply has the most ingenious butts. Whether to take them simply times powerfully in the hand or when Reinhämmern times leave a hand as an imprint. Since you can have real fun with gay ass fucking.

And when I then at some point dared to speak out, it was all so much easier. In the scene there are really many attractive men and many also only passively, so a super, counterpart to me. I always need a guy in front of me, never behind me. And there I do not care whether standing on all fours, lying on his back, lying on his stomach, butt high in the air. Important to me is that he can make good tight and has good staying power. I like to pull the whole thing nice and long and if such a real splendor butt is ready for gay ass fuck then I am so convinced of this sight that I can not help but have a stiff.

I am very active and also like to be rougher when I know that the butt in front of me can take a lot. Since I can be so wild that I no longer want to stop. Unfortunately, not so many hold out so I thought I write here times. I am also an active Cruising Gänger. There are always all the curious guys who want to get it in the ass for the first time. It's a joy, but they really don't put up with it very long until they ask for a break or move away. And nothing is worse than a guy who pulls the ass away during gay ass fucking.

ass fuck gay

Gay ass fucking in hotel

I would also like to tell you about my last date. We got to know each other on the Internet. First a little written and sampled, whether you understand each other, the usual just. He said that he loves to swallow really much with his little rosette. So he should send me a photo of his ass. You'll never believe me, but what a horny guy. Shaved bare ass, the rosette so horny formed, which already cried out for a horny cock. How should I not be able to agree? But since we lived a little further apart, we decided to stay in a hotel. I booked that without further ado.

Met first been eaten nicely in the spa area. Since there was visually already a foretaste for me. You would have all melted like me. This butt of madness I tell you. But good we then to the room and I had already in the spa area almost a permanent latte. Hardly that we were in the room, he was also allowed to immediately prove what his little rosette could swallow. And I was in the end the one who would not have held out without helping. He always begged for more. I could at some point no longer, but I did not want to leave him unsatisfied.


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  1. Great stories that encourage me to be taken by a man and not just have fun with toys.

  2. Stand on anal pleasures... position no matter,, I like to see when he comes. Let every healthy guy and cock pure.... Squirts me deep in the hole... 💦 Am not the youngest. But fuck I like very much

  3. Yes I like to let me push a nice cock in my ass in the sauna, horny is when there are still spectators who spoil themselves . .
    Or a horny Quicki on the forest parking lot . . . My rosette loves that. Who has desire near Zurich Zug, Lucerne write me
    Would be happy if the one or the other horny Stecher would report

  4. So I also like to hold my butt and am happy about every potent Stecher. The can also hold out with pleasure very long...

  5. Who does it with the butt, please feel free to contact me.
    I am a little older, but healthy.
    Desired is that also from the partner who likes to be younger and healthy.
    Potent enough, butt big enough ...
    Here to report
    Today still specify if possible.


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