In their search for a "partner for life" (or a one-night stand), more and more men are finding what they are looking for among their acquaintances and friends. Who does not know them? The parties where it is said "Everyone brings something to eat!" - and at some point you(n) come across a guy who has never attracted attention before, but now seems all the more interesting.

Maybe also because he has shown what he is made of just by his contribution to the Buffett?

Men who can cook are considered by many to be particularly attractive. The following ideas are likely to go down particularly well at the next summer party... And perhaps also ensure a happy ending or two...!

Idea No. 1: Bowls

Idea No. 1: Bowls

Granted: This is less of a classic take-home gift and more of the kind of treat the host can show off. Bowls - whether with fruits or vegetables - are very hip and are likely to leave a positive impression on many trend-conscious types.

However, since they can be comparatively time-consuming in terms of preparation (depending on how many ingredients are used), it makes sense to start preparing early. That way, everything will be a little less stressful.

Idea No. 2: vegan pasta salad

Idea No. 2: vegan pasta salad

No question: Pasta salad is an absolute classic. If you want to make an impression here, you should go for a very special "detail". How about the vegan version, for example? To make this is really not difficult. Vegan mayo and vegan sausages are available in just about every well-stocked supermarket. Eggs can be replaced by asparagus or other vegetables. Animal-loving men always look sexy, don't they?

Idea No. 3: Cake with sexy fruits

Idea No. 3: Cake with sexy fruits

Here, too, it is well worth investing a little time. In this way, two particularly sexy ingredients can be easily combined with each other. Chocolate (whether white or dark) and strawberries or raspberries just go great together. If you're in the mood for a sweet AND fruity note, you've come to the right place.

Idea No. 4: homemade vegetable chips

Idea No. 4 homemade vegetable chips

Another treat that conveys: "Hey! I'm a good homebody and if you don't flirt with me, you're missing out!". Anyone can buy! If you're in the mood for an individual touch, simply make your own vegetable chips, for example with beetroot, carrots or sweet potatoes. Depending on personal taste, a certain "basic spiciness" can be added. Whether this has an aphrodisiac effect - as many assume - is something you simply have to find out for yourself.

Idea No. 5: punch bowl

Idea No. 5 punch bowl

Sexy and fruity? For many, a glass of punch is simply part of a successful garden party. It comes across as particularly "passionate" when served in a bright color, such as red.

The fruits, which are an absolute standard in most punch bowls, are the special highlights for many. But be careful! The longer they were pickled, the more alcohol they usually contain.


A well-groomed appearance, intelligence, humor... The list of attributes that can indicate the "perfect man" is long. Nevertheless, it should not be overlooked that it is often the "little things" that can make the perfect match.

Despite the fact that househusbands can actually look very attractive, no one should pretend, of course. Anyone who cooks only once in order to present himself optimally in front of his crush and then avoids the stove and kitchen again will quickly catch on. Therefore: Remain honest, enjoy and - if desire, time and talent are given - conjure up one culinary highlight after the other. The other person(s) should be pleased.


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