The ramparts of Rostock

Rostock ramparts

The ramparts of Rostock were originally built in 1269 for the defense of the city. The city wall at that time was over 3 kilometers long and was equipped with 22 gates and countless towers. Today there is a park area of about 4.5 hectares in which about 1.2 kilometers of the wall are still preserved. The longest piece of the wall has about 450 meters and lies parallel between the "Kröpeliner Tor " and the "Schwaansche Straße".

The also special about this area is that countless gays meet here in the summer for cruising. But not only gays meet here, but also like DWT, trannies and very many curious heteros. Actually, the whole park is suitable for cruising and having fun. But the most popular gay cruising place in the Wallanlagen Rostock is on the sidewalk near the old pavilion. There people gather under the cover of darkness to enjoy themselves together.

At the A19 parking lot Zarnow you also always have fun.

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  1. I have never seen one
    written by Felix, onAugust 19, 2021

    Hey, when do you have to get there and where? I have never seen one there.

  2. Hey wants to meet someone to fuck
    written by Tim, onDecember 27, 2021

    Live in the city and would like to have a sex meeting I love older from 30 we can meet and find a nice place and us nice pleasure

  3. Sex meeting
    written by Tim, onDecember 27, 2021

    Am gay and 19 years old would like to make a meeting today

  4. Practical
    written by mohrle98, onDecember 1, 2022

    Canopy quite practical in rainy weather.

  5. Neugierig
    von Calzone geschrieben, am 15. Juni 2024

    Ich würde mich schonmal ganz gerne vorzugsweise mit einer Trans oder einem Femboy treffen um heraus zu finden wie es ist und sollte die Chemie stimmen kann man gerne auch zusammen eine Freundschaft mit vlt sogar (+) aufbauen ☺️. Ist mal ein versuch wert auf diesem wege.
    Vielleicht bis bald ☺️


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