The wonderful Tegel Lake

Lake Tegel

The Tegeler See is located in the Berlin district of Tegel and is easily accessible on foot or by car. It has an insanely large area of 54 hectares and offers various recreational activities. In addition, it is the second largest lake in the beautiful city after the popular Müggelsee. If you want to spend a wonderful day in the sun, this is the place to be. Popular here is the mini golf course, the park with its countless park benches and the view of the gorgeous water. But also to rent a boat and spend a beautiful day on the water.

Also very popular and sought after is the Tegeler See with gay men. In the gay scene, the lake has become one of the most popular meeting places in the city. Countless willing men meet here every day to spend exciting adventures. Especially the dangerous being caught turns them on. In addition, you meet here gays, bi's and also more and more often heterosexuals who want to collect their first bi experiences.


Also very popular and used daily for cruising is the Häcklerweiher, absolutely recommendable!

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