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Gay Cruising Gelsenkirchen

Over the course of time, the Ruhr region has become a popular destination for gay cruising fans. And that's exactly why one gay cruising hotspot follows the other. In Gelsenkirchen, there are several stops where you can enjoy one (or more) fast number(s). Some of them, such as the Nordsternpark, exude a special flair.

Under the open sky, in the midst of various hiding places, unbridled sex can be enjoyed even more intensely. Especially in summer, numerous men meet to give free rein to their lust for several hours.

Besides the Haunerfeld Park, Rheinelbe Park or the Bulmker Park, Gelsenkirchen offers other meeting places typical for the scene, such as parking lots, public toilets and some hidden bushes. Popular meeting places are also sex clubs like Life Erotica Gelsenkirchen and a gay cinema. For said clubs, it is best to find out in advance what events or theme parties are taking place.

Gay cruising at different times of the year

In the warm season, the probability of meeting other men at the relevant outdoor gay cruising locations is particularly high. Also, there is often nothing standing in the way of an exuberant gang bang party here. In addition, specific fetishes and needs, including from the BDSM area, are lived out now and then.

In the cold season, many men prefer indoor locations. Here - completely independent of the weather - gay cruising can be celebrated.

With regard to the audience, Gelsenkirchen offers you a wide selection and an open scene. You will certainly quickly come into contact with other gays and get to know the most diverse types.

Especially at night, Leather and Latex fans are usually recognizable by their outfits. But also bears and twinks like to visit the different locations in Gelsenkirchen.

If you don't want to wait long for your sex adventure, you can also simply arrange a date via the chat. Of course, you can also rely on the famous (sex) coincidence and simply let fate determine who you meet at parking and rest areas.

Safer sex is important - also at gay cruising in Gelsenkirchen!

Sex with a condom should also be a matter of course in gay cruising. With a rubber you can protect yourself and others from contagious diseases and at the same time give free rein to your desire with the right partner. -> Gay Cruising Geneva