The roller skating rink in the Bergedorf castle park

Roller skating rink Schlosspark Bergedorf

The roller skating rink Schlosspark Bergedorf is an easy to reach gay cruising place at the edge of the Schlosspark. Either go to Chrysanderstraße 28 and enter Arndtweg and then take the gravel road to the roller rink or walk around the Café Chrysanderstraße to the roller rink. If you have arrived you only need to watch out for the paths and bushes behind the roller skating rink after dark. There it goes at night and in the early morning hours already times correctly off. There meet mostly the hot men from Bergedorf and the surrounding area.

The nearest cruising areas are the Boberger Dünen which are about 8,3 km away or the parking lot Hahnenkoppel with the distance of 11,8 km.

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  1. little going on
    written by toobi, onNovember 8, 2021

    Unfortunately very little going on there...

  2. Roller skating rink Schlosspark Bergedorf
    written by Dietmar Gauch, onNovember 22, 2021

    Have fun with my partner to go roller skating with him benji400


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