The parking lot and rest area on the A 261 in Rosengarten

Rest area rose garden
Also in the south of Hamburg you can find horny cruising places at the Rosengarten rest area on the A261 Rosengarten between Tötensen and the Buchholzer Dreieck. In the direction of Buchholzer Dreieck is the Rosengarten parking lot, which is very popular with its benches and bushes. But also on the other side in the direction of Toetensen is the Rosengarten rest area, which is at least as popular. Unfortunately, some of the forest has already been cleared here on both sides, which MANN is no longer so hidden. But who knows about cruising knows that he can actually always find a treat here. Should MAN not be found in the parking lot, then just turn around and visit the rest area (applies vice versa just as).


Click here to go to the parking lot Borker Heide

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