The Elster-Saale Canal near Dölzig

Elster-Saale Canal
The Elster-Saale Canal has been used by the shipping company since 1999 as a Saale-Leipzig Canal (SLK). It connects the Magpie with the Saale and forms with the Elbe the largest waterway network in northern Germany which stretches from Leipzig until after Hamburg and into the North Sea runs. But especially popular is the section of the canal, which is in Dölzig is located. Because here meet in summer on the north side numerous sun worshippers who want to enjoy the weather in its full glory.

But also if you follow the Elster-Saale canal further in the direction of the canal bridge (to the east) you end up at a very interesting place. Because there is one of the most beautiful and cozy gay cruising areas in the entire area. Here, dozens of gay and bisexual men meet every day and at almost any time, looking for a little variety.

To reach the cruising place on the Elster-Saale Canal, you only have to go to the eastern edge of Dölzig. In order to reach this quickly from Leipzig, it is worthwhile to ride a bicycle in good weather. To do this, you only have to go through the villages of Miltitz and Frankenheim to Dölzig. From there follow the shore further east and just before the bridge turn into one of the trails. But also for drivers this place is perfect to reach via the highway A9.


Lake Cospuden is also a perfect cruising hotspot

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  1. It is beautiful here all around
    written by Thomas Merkel, onJuly 27, 2022

    I can only recommend the SLK at Dölzig, especially in good weather. There is always someone to meet and not only very old, as some assume. But it is recommended to take a small garbage bag and a disposable glove (e.g. from the bakery) to make the selected resting place beautiful again. All too often there are probably also some who do not care how littered they leave such beautiful places. So if you make your contribution, it will always be beautiful again 😉.

  2. Hello
    written by Geiler83, onJune 17, 2023

    I'm looking for older men who want to have a little fun 😉



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