The fabulous Britzer Garden in Berlin

Britz Garden

Britzer Garten is located in Britz near Berlin and is a beautiful landscape park. It opened on June 8, 1989 and today is a perfect oasis of well-being and offers a dreamlike atmosphere. In addition, the garden is very easy to reach via the B96 highway, both by car and by train. In summer, countless people stroll here to spend a nice day.

Also particularly represented here in the Britzer Garten are men who love to satisfy themselves in nature. Due to its versatile hiding places, the garden is perfect for gays and bisexuals to cruise. Especially on weekends or in the later evening hours countless willing cruising lovers meet here. Here you will absolutely, if you keep your eyes open always find.


Have you ever tested Merkel'scher Park? It's also great for cruising.

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  1. Who would dare to...
    written by FicknuTTe for horny Cock Lord, onJune 8, 2023

    ... to spend the night in the Britzer Garten for a slam session?


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