The beautiful Abtnaundorfer Park in Leipzig

Abtnaundorf Park

Abtnaundorfer Park is located in beautiful Leipzig and has a unique beautiful atmosphere. Because of its cozy meadows, forests and bridges, the park has a great coziness. Here you can take wonderful walks and enjoy nature to the fullest. Moreover, the park is worth visiting at any time of the year.

The gay scene has also made itself wide here in Abtnaundorfer Park. Because the park has countless hiding places, it is always wonderful for cruising. Here really meets every age group from young to hot daddies. In the late evening hours and on weekends here is particularly busy, on some weekends are here even some gangbang parties.


Johannapark is also highly recommended, it is also very worthwhile.


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  1. Beautiful park
    written by Hey77, onNovember 20 2021

    I like such parks very much. The most beautiful thing in this park is when you can hear the birds in the summer, you can take long walks and you are always happy to go back to this park.


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