Don't Worry Darling premieres in Venice

On Monday, the film Don't Worry Darling premiered in Venice. The film stars pop star Harry Styles in his first major film role. Accordingly, on the red carpet it became fast, loud and bustling when the protagonist appeared. The fans cheered, screamed and even some tears flowed at the sight of the popular pop star.

Beforehand, he took part in a press conference, where journalists could ask their questions about the film. So it was certainly not boring on this day.

Among others, the queer community should be very happy that Harry will now also be seen on the big screen. After all, the singer has always had a special connection to the scene. He has collected many donations for queer organizations in the past, helped a fan come out at one of his concerts, and also dresses in a way that crosses the classic gender boundaries.

However, he himself always emphasized that his sexuality would remain his private matter. It is certain that he is currently with the actress Olivia Wilde. However, he does not want to be pigeonholed.

But back to the film ...

What is Don't Worry Darling about?

The movie Don't Worry Darling is a thriller set in the desert in the 1950s. There, a community has come together called "Victory". In this utopia, the men work for the secret "Victory Project" and the women take care of the household with the classic tasks.

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But Alice ( played by Florence Pugh) questions the collaborative model and wants to know, for example, what exactly the men are working on. Her husband Jack(Harry Styles) justifies his work by saying that it's about "developing advanced materials. But Alice is not satisfied with this answer.

The question of why no one is allowed to leave Victory also becomes more and more present. Both for Alice and for the viewer.

A film with a feminist message?!

The film with Harry Styles is characterized by a feminist message that runs through the entire plot. Especially for the 1950s, it was unusual for a woman to question her position and, in a way, oppose her husband.

While all the men go about their business quasi "blindly" and the women do everything they can to maintain the given perfection, Alice wants to know everything about her community - even if this may have dire consequences.

And probably protagonist Harry Styles should also identify with the message of the film.

More rumors around the PK for Don't Worry Darling

Many scandals and rumors accompanied the filming of the movie. The gossip rags were full of speculation. And exactly these came to the fore again at the press conference. Why did Harry Styles not want to stand next to Olivia Wilde? Why was Florence Pugh not present at the PK? Questions over questions, but they certainly won't stop fans from watching the flick.

The filmDon't Worry Darling will be shown in German cinemas from September 23, 2022. And by then at the latest, the social networks will be abuzz with discussions about Harry Styles' acting skills.

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