Penis, condom and the first time

Should I use a condom the first time I have anal sex? (Manuel, 23 years) Hello Dr. Randy, I am Manuel, 23 years old and come from Hamburg. About half a year ago I had my coming out and now I am in a (more or less) steady partnership. I have never had sex with a man, but my boyfriend has had many experiences. He recently said that you don't have to use contraception the first time you have anal sex, because nothing could happen. Is this true? I would be grateful for a short-term answer. Kind regards Manuel Dear Manuel, thank you very much for your letter. First of all, I am glad that after your coming out you could now find a - as you say - "more or less" steady partner. Some relationships simply need a little longer to develop. Therefore, I would first like to give you the tip to take your time. If you are sure that you want to experience your first time with your partner, you should also take some time to...
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