First bisexual farmer to take part in RTL couples show "Bauer sucht Frau

For the 18th time, the popular show "Bauer sucht Frau" (Farmer Seeks Woman) allows various farmers to find the love of their lives. But this time, it could actually be "Farmer Seeks Man" for one candidate, too. For the first time, a bisexual farmer is looking for love. At the barn party there was the first surprise.

The Fleckvieh farmer Michael K. is taking part in the 18th season of the matchmaking show "Bauer sucht Frau". However, he is not necessarily looking for a wife. This brings a breath of fresh air to the show. Now it is clear: Here two men are vying for the heart of the farmer.

Bisexual farmer on "Farmer Wants Woman

Farmer Michael takes two men to his farm

Of the numerous applicants who expressed interest in Michael, finance manager Jan Hendrik and project manager Aron made it onto the bisexual farmer's farm. This is located in the middle of the Bergisches Land region and is run as a family business. The property is over 30 hectares in size and also includes a piece of forest.

The two managers will now swap their everyday lives for rural life for a certain period of time and show whether they also have agricultural qualities. Many viewers have already announced on social networks that they are very much looking forward to the current season and are curious to see how the story about Michael will end.

His animals are very important to the farmer and he maintains close contact with his Fleckvieh. All 145 cattle have a name and they all want to cuddle with Michael when he comes to the meadow. His partner has to cope with the fact that his animals take up a large part of his life. In his free time, the farmer likes to go dancing and would like to enjoy this with a partner in the future. With a man it is to have sparked also directly. However, the exact name of the man remains a secret for the time being.

One thing is already certain: The 18th season of "Bauer sucht Frau" seems to be exciting. And not just because farmer Michael has brought two men onto the farm. There are other details that suggest there will be no shortage of action.

The barn festival: surprises and bratwurst schnapps

The barn party is always a kind of prelude to the "Bauer sucht Frau" seasons and offers viewers a first glimpse of the farmers and candidates. This year there were a few surprises at said festival, which already point to an exciting and entertaining season.

Many might not only have been surprised that farmer Michael K. took two men onto the farm. The choice of the other farmers was also interesting. Three farmers could not decide on "only" two female candidates and instead decided to invite three women to their farm at once. Those who allowed themselves to increase the choice were young farmer Max, cattle farmer Michael N. and hobby farmer Erik.

The latter surprised the Thuringian Sausage Queen 2017/18 with a gift basket with sausage and a hearty Bratwurstschnaps, which was still tasted on site.

The fiery Hungarian Helena also caused a stir. The geriatric nurse wants to win the heart of the cattle farmer Theo and attracted the attention of her fellow contestants with her red dress. The looks of the others were not always favorable, because many found the outfit a little inappropriate for a barn party. Here, too, the coming weeks will show how things will continue.


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