"Sex and The City" is back. But if you think about it carefully, you'll surely realize that the hit series from the U.S. never really went away. Carrie and her friends enjoy particular popularity in the queer community, among others. But why, actually? Why do so many men also feel connected to the fashion icon? And why is it so much fun to dream oneself into the world of the four(now, after the break with Kim Cattrall, "only" three) girlfriends?
One thing is certain: the current sequel will also draw quite a few viewers in front of the TV. But why is the series so popular with gay men, among others?

Why it's worth watching Sex and The City

Reason #1: Carrie has a gay best friend who - by the way - doesn't come across as a "token gay"

Granted: There are many movies and series in which there is a gay best friend. In the case of Sex and The City, his name is Stanford Blatch. Perhaps it's also due to the fact that Carrie and her friends seem to be way ahead of their time anyway. What is certain, however, is that Stanford seems extremely authentic, unlike other queer characters in other series.
Perhaps that's exactly why actor Willie Garson managed to become a real audience favorite in his role, even though he didn't have a starring role. It was particularly shocking for many to read that Garson died, much too early, at the age of 57.

Reason No. 2: The clothes and the "Way of Life

Anyone who talks about Sex and The City inevitably has to talk about the clothing style of the actors and actresses. Of course, the TV community has almost always focused on Carrie and her friends. But why, really? The series is brimming with attractive men who know exactly how to dress to attract the attention of both (!) sexes. It is certainly no coincidence that one or the other trend was created here.

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Reason No. 3: The attitude to life

When the first episodes of Sex and The City aired, many were shocked. How could four women talk so openly about their sex lives? Even queer themes were by no means left out, but were instead explored with great attention to detail. The fan community liked it - and still likes it today. The fact that some of the characters repeatedly struggled with their sexuality and liked to try something new only made everyone involved even more likeable.

Reason No. 4: Life with all its facets

Sex and The City was never a comedy show - nor did it claim to be. Therefore, there were also episodes that dealt with serious issues and showed that the world is not always as tolerant as many would certainly wish. However, at the latest when Carrie managed(once again) to stand up against old prejudices in society, it was easy to see the world a little more optimistically.

Reason #5: Aging in style? That's possible!

Another reason to love the four or three girlfriends: they age with dignity. Where other sequels still use numerous filters, tons of makeup and hair dye, Sex and The City makes it seem as if it's "allowed"toage in front of the camera. Regardless of whether it's Carrie or Mr. Big, this rule applies to all genders and shows that no one need be afraid of wrinkles and the like as long as they manage to maintain their optimism.

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