Hungary once again underlines its LGBTQ hostility

Queers in Hungary still don't have it easy. Now the situation for them could worsen once again. Currently, there is talk of a new law that will "protect" minors in particular from LGBTQ content. The goal here is not to spread the opinion that same-sex love is "normal".

The plan to intervene relates - more precisely - to media in the field of education. The plan here is to condemn homosexual content from sex education books, for example. The relationship between men and women is to be brought further into focus. This is a bitter setback for the community, which is fighting for more rights and more tolerance every day in Hungary, among other places.

If the head of government Viktor Orbán has his way, however, there will be even more intervention. Companies, too, will no longer be allowed to advertise their products with same-sex lovers, for example. Yet it is precisely these campaigns that can broaden people's view of love in numerous facets. In Germany, there are now many brands that focus on gay or lesbian lovers and the Pride rainbow, for example.

Viktor Orbán Remains Anti-LGBTQ

Viktor Orbán comes under criticism

Many European politicians have been observing the behavior and statements of Hungarian head of government Viktor Orbán for quite some time. He has repeatedly come under criticism for homophobic statements.

With his views and the latest legislative proposals, he ensures that queers in his country are even more discriminated against than they already are. All this is happening under the guise of protection for minors. They are not supposed to come into contact with "advertising" for same-sex love - neither in school nor in advertising.

What may "only" sound like an old-fashioned opinion to some is extremely burdensome to others. Being considered "not normal" in Hungarian society can have far-reaching consequences - should the draft law actually be implemented.

Many organizations reacted immediately to the new proposal and condemned it in the strongest terms. Among others, Amnesty International also spoke out. Whether protests, statements and the like can still prevent a new, sad level of discrimination from occurring in Hungary remains to be seen. What is certain is that Victor Orbán has once again made a clear statement against LGBTQ. However, the fact that he is facing headwind shows that this is an issue that is taken seriously by many - even outside the community.

Viktor Orbán Remains Anti-LGBTQ

How homophobic is the Hungarian government?

As mentioned above, the latest bill is not the first time Victor Orbán has caused debate.

It has also become clear time and again in the past that the Hungarian politician's goal is obviously to take a stand against LGBTQ and the community.

In this context, it seems to be particularly important to him to preserve the classical image of the family (man and woman). He has often spoken out against rainbow families and also campaigned against gender reassignment, among other things.

Perhaps also due to the growing self-confidence of the community, however, the Hungarian head of government is increasingly encountering resistance. What this means for the current draft law remains to be seen. However, it is also clear that it is no longer possible to wave through homophobic laws "justlike that" in Hungary. The pressure from the international community is growing - as is the local community.


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