Der Toilettengang

Bene's unerwarteter Toilettenbesuch Hallo, ich heiße Bene und führe eigentlich ein großartiges Leben mit meiner Freundin und unserem Hund. Bald wird unsere kleine Tochter geboren, denn meine Freundin Jaqueline ist im siebten Monat schwanger. Jedoch habe ich festgestellt, dass sexuell zwischen uns die Luft raus ist und von ihrer Seite aus nichts mehr kommt. Nach ständigem Bemühen und Bitten habe ich begonnen, mich emotional zurückzuziehen. Sie macht nun mehr ihr eigenes Ding und ich meins. Eigentlich sind wir wie beste Freunde oder WG-Mitbewohner, nur eben ohne Sex, aber es funktioniert gut so. Dennoch vermisse ich die Intimität, und das heimliche Masturbieren im Badezimmer empfinde ich nicht als befriedigend genug. Eines Tages, auf dem Heimweg von der Arbeit, musste ich am Stuttgarter Hauptbahnhof umsteigen und verspürte den Drang, die Toilette aufzusuchen. Als ich das WC betrat, hörte ich ein lautes Rascheln und schnelle Bewegungen. Als ich zu den Urinalen ging, sah ich ei…
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Love and friendship

Can friendship turn into love? The relationship between love and friendship is a fascinating and often confusing topic. Can friendship become love? This is a question that occupies many people and which we will examine in more detail in this article. The intimate connection Friendships play a significant role in our lives. They provide trust, intimacy and a deep bond with people we value. In friendships, we often share our thoughts, fears and dreams. They form the foundation for close emotional connections. Communication and honesty The key component when it comes to developing love from a friendship is communication. Open conversations are crucial to sharing one's feelings and finding out if the other partner has similar sentiments. Honesty is the first step on the road to changing the relationship dynamic. Advantages and disadvantages Weighing de...
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The art of compromise

How to find the balance in the relationship with compromises. There comes a point in every relationship when individual needs meet different goals. This is where the art of compromise works its magic. This balance between one's own desires and the pursuit of companionship is a key to strengthening bonds. But how can a good and suitable solution be found for both parties? Flexibility and adaptability: influence of external factors In the evolution of relationships, flexibility and adaptability are essential. External circumstances change, and the ability to adapt strengthens the willingness to compromise. This creates space for joint development and growing connectedness. Understanding the art of compromise: An act of strength Compromise is not weakness, but a sign of strength and maturity. They allow both partners to be heard and respected equally. A successful comp...
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Trust and mistrust

The fine line between trust and mistrust Trust and mistrust play a central role in every relationship. The fine line between trust and mistrust can strengthen or strain the relationship. But how do we find the right balance between these two extremes? Trust: Trust is the cornerstone that holds relationships together. It creates a safe environment where both partners can openly share their feelings and thoughts. When trust thrives, the relationship flourishes. Distrust: Distrust can hang over a relationship like a dark cloud and often arises from past disappointments or insecurities. It manifests itself in jealousy, controlling behavior, and constant need for validation, weakening the relationship and leading to distance and lack of understanding. Line between trust and mistrust: How do we recognize when trust is warranted and how do we keep our insecurities in check to...
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Free Gay Stories

Fancy some free gay stories? Again and again I experience that I read a stimulating gay story and then, as soon as it gets hot to the point, the hint appears that one should please pay to be able to continue reading. I find this impossible and have therefore made it my mission to put free gay stories online. I have the impression that I am exactly right on this page. For a long time I have been thinking about and collecting homoerotic stories that should get the blood pumping and maybe make you want to read more. The following story is one of my personal favorites and I hope you have a lot of fun with one of my Free Gay Stories. Whether these stories are true or fictional is something I don't like to reveal, after all, everyone should have their own interpretation. On a warm summer night at the bathing lake Kevin had made himself comfortable with his colleagues. For a long time he had a strange...
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Gay stories man

Fancy my gay stories man? I have some ideas! Gay stories man are always about the same thing? Well, well, in most of these stories two (or more) guys end up in bed. That's true. But what makes me so horny about gay stories man is mostly the surrounding. And that's exactly why I decided to write stories myself some time ago. Some of them really happened to me. With others I let my imagination wander. I can imagine that it's mainly the "real-life" stories that turn you on. After all, nothing was invented here. So here comes one of my absolute favorite stories. I experienced it with my internet acquaintance. Do you know this? You write for days with a guy, also exchange the one or other dick pic, but at the same time think that it will probably never be too serious and come to sex anyway. The man with whom I have written...
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Nude men gay

Naked men gay in the sauna? Exactly mine! Have you ever visited a gay sauna? Who has desire for naked men gay, is exactly right here. At least in my opinion! Actually, it does not matter if you just want to watch or if you want to participate: Here actually everyone gets his money's worth. And that's exactly why I love hanging out here so much. I like to get down to business when it comes to sex. This slow "OH, let's get erotically naked!" is not for me. I love seeing naked men gay straight as God made them. And that's exactly why I feel so comfortable in my regular gay sauna. There are more than enough horny guys here who are definitely not there just to experience wellness. Lately, however, I've also had to experience that even in a gay sauna it's not always straight to the point. Sometimes you have to wait a little longer for your luck. Often it is worth it then ...
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Gay men

Hot gay men stories: Finally I dare to publish them I've had some hot gay men stories saved on my PC for quite some time. They cater to different fetishes and preferences and get straight to the point. I don't like wasting time with getting to know you stories or anything else. Basically we all just want to read how someone gets a hot beating in the ass and is fucked properly. Oh well ... At least I would dare to say that most of us feel that way. That's why I've put together a few hot sex scenes for you, in which it goes straight to the point. Sure: It could be that it is too crude for one or the other. But I for my part have great movies in my head cinema, which I only too gladly repeat again and again. So if you're looking for a deep plot, you might want to look around for other authors. But I can't help it: I ma...
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Erotic stories gay

Erotic stories Gay - I just like to write (and cum) Some watch gay porn, others often hang out at weekends at relevant gay cruising locations. But I find my kick in a different kind of "hobby". I love to write erotic stories Gay. Some of them really happened to me, for others I started the sexy mental cinema. I often write according to the motto "one can still dream". Especially often my erotic stories deal with gay threesomes. I find the idea to satisfy two men at the same time or to be satisfied by them simply horny. So far, however, I have not dared to make out with two guys at the same time. This may sound a little strange to one or the other, but it is so. I'm afraid that something is expected of me, which I can not offer. That's why "in real life" so far everything remained in the classic two-man constellation. But...
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Gay stories man for just about every taste

You don't feel like "just" getting turned on with gay porn, but want to create hot images in your head yourself? No problem! With our gay stories man you should have no problem getting your erotic head cinema going a little(or a little more).

The individual stories sometimes put an extrovert, sometimes an introvert guy in the foreground. Sometimes it's about experiencing sex within the relationship, sometimes about giving free rein to his passion during a horny gang bang.

It's best to take a little time and slowly work your way from story to story. You will see: there is definitely no lack of passion, horniness and sperm here.

Gay stories man: from BDSM to flower sex - and back again

Our gay stories man come along very differently. Some of them take you into the BDSM area, among other things. Here you can always find out anew what the attraction of pain is and - if you have not been active here yet - maybe even get a little curious yourself.

But even if you are a follower of a certain fetish, it is worthwhile to stop by here. Many of our authors write not only about classic sex, but have also made it their business to serve different niches.

And who knows? Maybe you also want to try one or the other practice yourself? Especially if you involve your boyfriend while reading, it makes sense to keep your eyes open together for new positions and co.

Gay stories man for shared erotic reading adventures

Of course, you don't have to read our gay stories man alone. Why should you? If you and your partner always want to try something new anyway, it should be just right for you that our selection in this category is so versatile.

Why don't you sit across from each other and read each section to each other? That way, you can try to hold each other back until one of you can't anymore. Will you ever be able to read a story all the way through without having sex before you finish the last sentence? Just find out.

How do our gay stories man differ from each other?

Actually, it is simply not possible to compare the different gay stories man on our platform. The respective authors have sent their imagination on journeys and probably written down one or the other thing they have already experienced.

This is exactly what you can profit from. You can get excited or inspired by the different actions... Or both? By the way: Our gay stories man come in different lengths. So you can certainly find a little easier the story that fits exactly to your taste and the respective situation. You don't have much time and want to enjoy aquickread? No problem! Many of our stories are comparatively quick. If you feel like a cozy reading evening on the couch, you can of course also choose one of our longer stories. Here you will often get an insight into the emotional life of the protagonists. Maybe you can identify with one of them particularly well?

Gay stories man: Become an author yourself!

Writing gay stories man offers you a wonderful opportunity to be creative yourself, to write down your own sex wishes and to influence the head cinema of other guys. It doesn't matter if you are more into the hard or the tender practices: Our platform offers a suitable place to go for everyone who is in the mood for pure eroticism.

How about an exciting Mannfürmann story?