Swiss fundraiser for queers is very well received

The Swiss LGBTQ Emergency Fund for Ukraine aims to raise money for Ukrainian queer refugees. The campaign is only a few days old, but is already well received. In the meantime, more than 50,000 Swiss francs have been collected.

Among others, the Lesbian Organization Switzerland and Pink Cross has called for donations. However, the action is supported and further promoted by the most diverse people from the most diverse areas ... also in the social networks. In addition, many Swiss people have already come forward to help improve the situation for those affected.

Swiss donations for Ukrainian queers

What happens with the donations?

The donations collected through the LGBTQ Emergency Fund for Ukraine should go to queer Ukrainians. Among other things, this should also support the organizations on the ground.
And even if - according to the organizers - the 50,000 franc mark has already been cracked, donations can and should of course still be made now.

This is how queers are doing in Ukraine

The organizers of the action have already talked to Ukrainian queers and activists on the ground. Therefore, they know that many people here are afraid of the war and a possible Russian takeover. According to the official statement, it is guaranteed that 100 percent of the donation amount will go to those affected on the ground. The collected sum is to be used to support the civilian population.

To ensure that this is achieved, it is planned that several international organizations will join forces to plan everything in the best possible and most transparent way. This is to ensure that the money really gets to where it is needed.
One place that is currently in need of financial support is, for example, the Nash Mir Center, which is located in the capital of Ukraine.

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Swiss donations for Ukrainian queers

Queer war refugees - an issue that is attracting more and more attention

At the latest since the Taliban took power in Afghanistan, the topic of "queers as war refugees" has once again become more present for many people who have not dealt with it before. Clearly, people are afraid of war and of losing everything.

Queers are also in the situation that they often do not know what will happen to them in the event of a takeover. However, the example of Afghanistan also showed that the fear of being murdered because of one's sexual orientation was and is very real.

In Russia, there is currently no party that would even begin to stand up for the rights of homosexuals. Many politicians in the country simply do not dare to address this issue. Every now and then, the law against "homosexual propaganda" is criticized. However, there is not much more headwind against the homophobic laws.

Pink Cross as a contact point in Switzerland for donations to queers in Ukraine

On the pages of Pink Cross can donate amounts of 50 CHF, 100 CHF, 250 CHF or an amount of your choice.
At the same time, the organization calls on those who know people from Ukraine who need help to come forward. In addition, it stresses that knows that the money that is currently collected, will soon be needed. That is why it is so important to become active now.
A little additional info: Donations made to Pink Cross are accepted by the tax authorities and are therefore deductible. The donation receipt can then simply be attached to the tax return.


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