Prince Charming starts in the 2nd season - our column about the show


Now it will not be long until the 2nd season of Prince Charming! After Nicolas Puschmann obviously found his great love here in the first season, Alexander Schäfer is now following in his footsteps.

The first episode will air on VOX on October 26, 2020. If you don't want to wait that long, you can also watch the episodes on TVnow from October 12, 2020.

We will watch "Prince Charming" with Alexander Schäfer and report to you in a regular column. You can find the most important information about the show here!

The Prince Charming broadcast dates in the overview

As already mentioned, you have the chance to watch Alexander Schäfer as the "gay Bachelor" looking for the big love on VOX as well as on TVnow.

If you belong to the TVnow customer base and are interested in the format, you can mark the following dates (every Monday) in red in your calendar:
12.10.2020 - Episode 1
19.10.2020 - episode 2
26.10.2020 - episode 3
02.11.2020 - episode 4
09.11.2020 - episode 5
16.11.2020 - episode 6
23.11.2020 - episode 7
30.11.2020 - episode 8
07.12.2020 - episode 9
14.12.2020 - The reunion show
But non-TVnow customers don't have to miss out on the second season of "Prince Charming" either. They just have to be patient a little longer. The broadcast dates are as follows:
26.10.2020 at 22:15 - Episode 1
02.11.2020 at 22:15 - Episode 2
09.11.2020 at 22:15 - Episode 3
16.11.2020 at 22:15 - episode 4
23.11.2020 at 22:15 - episode 5
30.11.2020 at 22:15 - episode 6
07.12.2020 at 22:15 - episode 7
14.12.2020 at 22:15 - episode 8
21.12.2020 at 22:15 - episode 9
28.12.2020 at 22:15 - The reunion show

Those who start watching at the end of October could be spoiled here and there. In this case, news about the topic may have to be read a bit more "carefully".

"Prince Charming" - a look at the candidates

Alexander Schäfer has the opportunity to meet partly completely different men. Whether students, models, make-up artists, nurses or ballet teachers: just about everything is represented here.
The candidates are between 23 and 39 years old and come not only from different cities in Germany, but also from other countries.
Who is Alexander Schäfer?
Nicolas Puschmann as "Prince Charming" was extremely popular. Therefore, it is certainly difficult to follow in such big footsteps. However, Alexander Schäfer seems to be convincing in many areas and scores points - just like Nicolas - not only with his looks.
Alexander is 29 years old, comes from Frankfurt am Main and works as a marketing manager. Among other things, he is represented on Instagram and regularly provides his followers here with news and (sometimes sexy) pictures.
He is passionate about sports and traveling, which makes him the "perfect partner" for someone who is adventurous and looking for true love.
Nicolas Puschmann has been able to impressively prove in the past that the "Prince Charming" project can work. His relationship has lasted longer than those of many ex-bachelors. Today he lives happily with his sweetheart in Düsseldorf, but has never really left the media world since the "Prince Charming" finale. On the contrary! Today, he uses his fame to campaign for more tolerance, among other things.

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  2. Am an absolute fan of Prince Charming! Watch really every episode and would love to participate also times.


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