The British capital gets a museum around queerness

London has a lot to offer for culture enthusiasts and people hungry for knowledge. The numerous sights, the history and the many museums attract thousands of visitors to the English metropolis again and again.

But the city is also one of the most queer-friendly places in the world... and so it's only logical that London is now hosting a museum for queer people. Among other things, the house will address the particular challenges the community faces every day. The museum is scheduled to open in Granary Square in King's Cross on May 5, 2022.

London has a queer museum

The museum "Queer Britain" in detail

The new museum is to bear the name "Queer Britain" and educate visitors about the LGBTQI+ community. The individual facets of this colorful community are to be illuminated in more detail and bring visitors a little closer to the queer world. Tolerance and education play a particularly important role in this context.

An integral part of the museum will be the history of queer people in the UK. In addition to positive milestones, negative events will also be highlighted.

The museum has a total of four galleries and a temporary exhibition. Among other things, bridges are to be built on the basis of the corresponding exhibits. Visitors will then be able to become active themselves in a workshop. An education room and a gift store are also available in the museum.

In London museums, admission is usually free. This will also be the case at the "Queer Britain" museum. This way, even more people should feel inspired to take a look at the different rooms.

History buffs will definitely get their money's worth here, too. The museum has a large archive that deals extensively with the queer history of the country. Among other things, there are also numerous original sources, which will be made available to the public.

London has a queer museum

The press is also enthusiastic

The public is very taken with the idea of a queer museum. The press also praises the idea and sees it as a courageous step that was long overdue.
For although London is one of the most queer-friendly cities in the world, there is increased hostility and violence towards queer people in the United Kingdom. Even the police are repeatedly criticized in this context for not doing enough to protect the community or for being homophobic themselves. This is exactly why many believe that there needs to be a museum that can ultimately help build bridges.

The educational work is intended to help improve the understanding of queer people. It is hoped that this is precisely what will help to ultimately prevent homophobia in a wide variety of forms.

London has a queer museum

How well the museum will ultimately be visited remains to be seen. However, this place should also attract many queer people and supporters of the queer community. Hopefully, the "Queer Britain" with its various exhibitions will have an interesting effect on a wide variety of people and the educational work will progress. After all, it can definitely be fun to engage not only with the current status quo, but also with the history surrounding a very special community.


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