Gay Porns and the Reality Check

Many gay men love gay porn. Some watch them alone, others with their partner. One problem that is always pointed out, however, is that while the depictions do look horny, they often don't have too much in common with reality.

For example, if you insist that sex must be exactly as it is portrayed in the movies, you can quickly become disappointed and perhaps have too high expectations of yourself and your partner.

The following five points show how much reality and gay porn diverge.

Gay Porns VS Reality

Point No. 1: Everyone comes... Always

There are simply days when not everything goes smoothly. Sex is definitely no exception. Sometimes "he" just doesn't want to get hard, sometimes everything is over way too fast and sometimes the climax is too long in coming. In short, this is one of the main differences between gay porn and "real life".

While movies are all about performing "tricks" in bed and squirting cum all over each other, in reality it may well be "dead pants". But do not worry! The latter is absolutely normal and absolutely does not mean that the partner would no longer be perceived as attractive!

Point #2: There are virtually no "quickies"

The often stressful everyday life shows again and again that there is often no time for an hour-long love game. In short: It takes the one or other quickie to relieve a little pressure. But this is exactly what is depicted in very few gay porns. On the contrary! Here, sex not infrequently lasts half an hour. But do not worry! In "real life", of course, quickies are also allowed - after all, it is precisely these that can provide a little more pep in the relationship.

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Point No. 3: All are always shaved

Many men find shaved men extremely attractive. Therefore, exactly these types of intimate hairstyles are shown especially often in porn. But who can keep up here in real life? Certainly, very few men shave every day. And exactly that is also absolutely okay. Accordingly, it doesn't have to and shouldn't be surprising if Schatzi comes up with stubble every now and then, while the porn actors come up with a "bald spot".

Point No. 4: Harder is better

Here the opinions differ. While some BDSM fans might well be of this opinion, there are also many hard men who prefer the classic flower sex.
The same applies to dirty talk. Sure, it can turn on the other with words to heat up. But even that does not always have to be for many. Sometimes it's just time to be silent and enjoy.

Or in other words: Wild and particularly unusual sex is also part of everyday life for many, but not always. In this way, it can also be ensured - quite incidentally - that the particularly hot experiences remain something special.

Point #5: All "privates" are huge... And trimmed

Most porn performers are quite well endowed. After all, the point here is not to look out for the inner values, but rather to present sex, horniness and passion. Many men are also circumcised, fulfilling another dream of many members of the gay scene.

But even here it is important to keep in mind that huge, circumcised penises are not the rule and that it is absolutely okay to be "only" average. While the casters of gay porns do attach importance to such "details", in real life - especially when looking for a partner - it's all about character.

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  1. it has to be fun for both and not as posed as in most pornos
    and what is important to me (even if I am already in the older semster) is
    the character must be there and both must meet on one level so that it fits and it becomes a nice evening / night or whenever

  2. It's pretty cool, this selection of gay porn on the Internet. If you want to just open your pants and then it goes. 😜🍆 Besides, you learn a lot😊

  3. You should not put yourself and the partner under pressure because in the movies the dasteller are practiced in it. So rather longer Vorspiell what both like than to come straight to the point

  4. Hello, I like gayporn when a partner is with me and we join sex variants or reenact something changed


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