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Gay Toilet Cruising

As the name suggests, gay toilet cruising is about sex adventures on the toilet. This is undoubtedly a particularly classic form of cruising pleasure.

Restrooms at rest stops are particularly popular here for having (mostly anonymous) sex with each other.

The boundaries between gay toilet cruising and the well-known glory holes are also blurred here from time to time. Sometimes the cruising toilet walls thus become very special locations, where a man on one side provides for the satisfaction of the man on the other side.

Where can you go gay toilet cruising?

Most of the locations, in the context of which toilet cruising can be operated, are located near highways and at the corresponding rest stops.

Here it is usually enough to briefly inquire on the Internet (or in the scene), which places are visited particularly often and are accordingly popular. Especially in the evening and on weekends, the probability of meeting like-minded people is high.

Who is likely to enjoy gay toilet cruising?

Cruising is ideally suited for all those who are in the mood for a certain "dirty" kick. Because: the hygienic conditions at a rest stop toilet are of course not as good as for example at other cruising locations, such as a gay sauna or in a relevant club.

But that's exactly what makes cruising so appealing for many people! Despite all the passion, you should still not forget that you - just because of the fact that especially on toilets quite a few bacteria and Co. can lurk - at least a minimum of hygiene and avoid direct contact with walls, the floor and Co. However, if you are so passionate that you don't care about a minimum of cleanliness, it is helpful to wash briefly after sex. You should find at least one sink even in the most unkempt restroom. Alternatively, you can often say goodbye with your flirt behind the toilet houses.

What should you look for when toilet cruising?

In general, gay toilet cruising is no different from other types of cruising. The same applies here: Don't forget condoms and always have a piece of paper and a pen with you. This way you can leave your cell phone number for a particularly convincing ONS.

Comfortable clothing also ensures that you can get dressed and undressed quickly when needed.


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